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Follow these 6 Vastu Tips for Prosperity

Ankit Kumar | August 1, 2018

According to Indian mythology, Lord Kuber is the Lord of wealth and the correct use of Vastu in your home can open the doors to wealth and prosperity. Vastu or the science of architecture propagates that every direction serves a specific purpose. According to astrologists and Vastu experts, using Vastu in your home makes the gods happy. In reality, whether it makes the gods happy or not is a mystery but incorporating it into your home can stop unnecessary clashes and bring about prosperity. 

Here we share some Vastu tips that you can implement in your home, to pave the way for opportunities and success: 

1) The Entrance to your Home

The entrance to your home should be designed according to Vastu. The East or North-East direction of your house should be the entrance to your home.  It is important to keep the entrance clean and free from any kind of obstruction.  Ensure that the entrance is well-lit as well. Never keep any footwear at the entrance door.


2) The ‘Seven Horses’ Painting

The racing horses have a special significance in Vaastu. Racing horses symbolize power and fortune. The painting of the seven running horses channels the horses’  progressive energy into your life.  Hang this picture on the South-facing wall of your home.

Note: Before hanging the picture, keep two things in mind. Firstly, the horses in the picture should not be angry or sad, they should be happy.  Secondly, make sure that the horses are running in the same direction in the picture. 


3) The position of Wall Clocks and the Time on the Clocks

People  don’t even think twice before setting the time on their clock.  According to Vastu, clocks should not be placed in the south-facing direction of your home. Clocks should not be hung over doorways and if they stop working, clocks should be immediately repaired or removed. 

Note: Never set your clock behind real time as this can slow down your progress.  Set your clock 2 minutes ahead of real time.


4) Water is a Symbol of Wealth

Vastu says ‘stop water leakage, stop wastage of money’. Water is considered to be a symbol of wealth and wastage of water is symbolic of the waste of money. Remove any stagnant or unclean water from your home. Make sure that there are no leaking taps in your home.  If there are leaking taps, then get them fixed as soon as possible.  


5) Money does Grow on Plants!

Indoor plants are linked to prosperity and to growth. Money plants bring good luck and wealth into your home as these plants emit a positive energy. Keep money plants in the south-east direction of your rooms. Never keep the plants in the north-east direction or Ishan-Kon (as called in Vastu Shastra). It is believed that keeping a money plant in this direction increases the source of income.


6) Mirror in Front of the Locker

You must have a locker at your home where you keep your cash and your valuables. Just keep a mirror in a  direction opposite to that of the locker door. The mirror reflects your money whenever you open the door of the locker,  and this reflection represents the doubling up of money. The reflection also attracts positive energy and improves the financial condition of your home.

Image Credits – Luxury_furniture_desgin, Pinterest, Pexels, Popular Mechanics, Max_Pixel, Flickr.

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