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Food First | 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Cooking at Home This Year

Bindiya Sharma | January 14, 2016


By Bindiya Sharma 

Of course, it’s good for you. And yes, sometimes its just so much easier to order in or go out than stir that pot at home. Trust us, when we say it’s the best way to live. So many flavors, so many gastro-experiences, there’s just a whole world that’ll open up for you. And if you still need to be convinced, read these reasons:

It’s Healthier: No matter what you choose off a restaurant menu, it’s almost always loaded with hidden fats mostly in the form of butter and cream. Yes it makes the food taste so good but don’t forget the the copious amounts of salt, trans fats and sugar that makes it so. This is perhaps the buggest reason to give healthy home cooked food some TLC.

Time Saving: Think about the time it takes to drive down to a restaurant or waiting for the delivery of that pizza you just ordered. Trust us, 30 minutes is more than enough time to make a quick meal that will satiate your huger. Ok, maybe you rely on some pre-prepared deliciousness but a little of cutting and chopping did no one no harm. Prep and plan and you could have a meal on the table in minutes.

It’s Cheaper: Eating at home is much, much cheaper, you’ll see how your monthly expenditure will go down by almost 50%. Be smart and eat smart.

Food Safety: There’s a reason why you never fall sick eating your mother’s cooking. That’s because because the quality of the ingredients. Fresh and seasonal, there’s a less than 1 per cent chance of being food poisoning.

Weight control: Eating regular balanced meals and knowing what’s going inside every dish is the key to weight loss. You have better control of what you eat as well as the portion size. A super side-effect would be a better energy throughout the day.

Family time: Last but not the least “Family that eats together, stays together”. You can make mealtimes fun and spend quality time with your spouse and family.

So turn off the telly, get off that couch and head towards the kitchen. You’ll thank us later. Check out our Under 20  minutes recipes collection!

Bindiya Sharma




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