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Food First I News about Pizzas, Doggie Bags and How Much Taylor Swift Loves Baking

Team BetterButter | January 11, 2016

By Team BetterButter

It’s a brand new year! Which means there’s a whole year of eating, drinking and reading. We begin this year with pieces of news that really tickled our funny bone. For starters, Mathematicians have found the perfect way to cut a pizza into equal slices. As if that wasn’t enough, the French, who’ve always pooh-poohed doggy bags have finally embraced them. You have to read the piece to understand why. Meanwhile, there’s a gorgeous new book out there called “Nearly Eternal” that’s using plastic food models to showcase the state of society. Slightly sinister, yet so beautiful, this is one story you shouldn’t miss as is this one that some of the most delicious foods are now disappearing. But the icing on the cake is about these celebrities obsession with food. Read on.

We are what we eat: How come we only talk about one variety of the banana, when the world over, there’s atleast a 100 if not more? Where’s that Granny Smith Apple when we want to bake an apple pie? This article in Slate talks to us about how our favourite foods are slowly disappearing. Read it here.

Pie in the sky: Two academics have discovered how to carve up pizza equally – to infinity – it’s the perfect slice according to science. Best. Possible. News. Ever.

Bag up: The French have never done “le doggy bag’’. They eat what is on their restaurant plate or it goes straight in the bin. But there’s been an awakening. A new law is now talking about food wastage and restaurants might soon have to give their customers takeaway boxes. Read all about it here.

Food is Art: Whether it’s a raw egg yolk gripped by levitating chopsticks or sugar magically sprinkling over a juicy grapefruit, the images in the new book “Nearly Eternal” are a surreal — and slightly sinister — take on food. Check out the images here.

Celeb Love: Neil Patrick Harrison, Taylor Swift and Aziz Ansari. Find out how much they love their food, right here.


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