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BetterButter Recipes | 9 Healthy Snacks To Nibble On This Week

Team BetterButter | January 8, 2016

Ruchira Hoon

There’s just something about the cold that really makes you want to eat. A bite here, a nibble there, there’s a hunger that just doesn’t seem to be satiated until you’ve eaten a few good things. So instead of tucking into those samosas at 4 pm, we’ve listed out some delicious and healthy snacks that easy to make (some you can just make-ahead) and are just right when hunger strikes.

Cereal Chivda: It barely takes 10 minutes to put together, this desi trail mix is just one of the best things to stock up on. Peanuts, corn flakes, dried coconut with a fragrant tempering of mustard and curry leaves, just leaves you wanting more.

Corn Salad: Filled with Vitamin C and A, this recipe is a cross between a salsa and a salad, depending on how you change the quantity of ingredients. But all in all, this is one tasty dish that really needs your attention now!

Crispy Masala Peanuts: While you can buy these at every corner, there’s something very satisfying about making these crispy peanuts at home. Plus you can fiddle with how spicy or not you’d like your peanuts to be.

Mediterranean Chicken Kebabs: The thing with this recipe is, that if you just marinate the chicken in advance, you can just about eat it whenever. With barely 20 minutes cook time, you can have plenty of protein and a very filling snack whenever you’d like.

Puffed Rice Granola Bar: Personally, this is my favourite snack because I’m always hankering for something sweet mid-afternoon. Oats, honey, nuts and puffed rice what’s there not to like here!

Zucchini Tots: A healthier version of the good old fashioned tater tots, these zucchini tots are made with corn, avocado and potatoes, making them a very delicious snack. Dip them in a spot of homemade ketchup for some tang.

Butter Garlic Prawns: Don’t be dettered by the butter in this recipe, because this is another super quick recipe that takes barely 10 minutes to make. Lots of garlic and lemon juice, just adds to the flavour.

Dates and Nuts Roll: Another snack to satiate those sugar cravings, these date and nut rolls, literally is made with just that – pureed dates and nuts of your choice. Roll them in a bit of poppy seeds or amaranth for some texture and see what a big difference it makes.

Baked Masala Moong Dal Puri: A classic Gujarati farsaan, the masala puri has just got a healthier makeoever. Made with moong dal and then baked not fried, just makes this one of the best possible snack ever!

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