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Food First | Brew The Perfect Tea and Make Your Own Cheese on This Week’s Round Up

Team BetterButter | April 4, 2016

By Team BetterButter

You know its been a great week for food when the New York Times talks about Sambar powder as an intrinsic part of their food section. Acknowledging something so basic and so homely, just means one thing – there’s just so much more to learn about Indian cooking. This week, we’re looking into that as well as learning a thing or two about haloumi cheese, meats and aging wine while also perfecting the art of brewing tea. Read on

Meat Affairs: There’s a reason Indian’s don’t eat that much meat, and frankly we are pretty spot on. If we ate way lesser meat and upped our fruit and vegetables consumption, we could save millions of lives because we’d be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with livestock production. This is what Huffington Post has to say.

Whine about wine: Some wines change fairly dramatically with age, and some wines just evolve. This Q&A with Master Sommelier Eric Entrikin in Mercury News  will answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about aging your own wines.

Tea for Two: Scientists have been studying tea brewing for at least 150 years. The Guardian explain how to make the best tea, and how to cut a cake without letting it go dry.

Getting Cheesy: Making your own cheese at home isn’t hard at all. Making haloumi is even simpler. Milk, rennet, salt and a bit of sleight at hand, you’re on your way to becoming a master cheesemaker thanks to this piece in The Washington Post.

Masala Mix: And finally, let’s talk about sambhar masala – the spice mix that givesflavor, heat and texture to sambhar. In this New York Times‘ article, Raghavan Iyer is the centerpiece while sambhar masala is the class act. Read away.


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