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Food First | Tomato Ketchup, Expensive Burgers All on This Week’s Roundup

Team BetterButter | November 27, 2015

By Team BetterButter

We’re obsessed with food. But you already know that. We’re also obsessed with good things to read. Especially about food. But when you stumble on a podcast by non other than the Domestic Goddess, Nigella Lawson, you plug in those earphones and listen to what she has to say. Because? Because she’s just amazing. Also on this week’s round up, we’ve got a list of good and bad tomato ketchups, the world’s most expensive burger, how salt got a makeover and finally, the one thing that bonds most Hollywood movies together – booze.

Let’s Ketch-up
Ok fine, we admit that you can’t most of these brands in India (where’s our good ol’ Kissan when we need it) but this article in The Guardian makes for an interesting read only because how discerning the taste test is. The descriptions include how the ingredients impact the taste as well as the texture. Read it here.

The price? 300,000 US dollars. That’s nearly 2 crores Indian rupees. Yup, you read that right. That’s how insanely expensive this burger is. Not only can you buy a beautiful house with that kind of money, but you can travel around the world atleast 10 times over. But what’s this burger got, that other’s haven’t, click here to see.

Pass the salt, please
This common kitchen ingredient has finally been discovered. Chefs across the world are using various forms of salt as a key ingredient in their cooking. It’s not just about plain jane pouring salts anymore, there’s a whole range of gourmet salts out there waiting for their turn. From Himalayan Pink Salt to Lemon Myrtle Salt to Truffle Salt, the world’s just started tasting a bit more seasoned. This is what The Telegraph has to say here.

Shaken and Stirred 
While the movie industry is going gaga (or not!) about the latest James Bond film, New York Times connects the dots and talks about how Hollywood films from the 1930s has managed to make a film more interesting. Perhaps our friend Pahalaj Nihalani can learn a thing or two from this piece :

The Domestic Goddess speaks
Nigella Lawson talks about her latest cookbook Simply Nigella on this podcast on Bon Appetit. Plus she gets candid about her weightloss. Find the podcast here.


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