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Foods that will help you beat the heat

Nithya Lakshmi | April 9, 2018

Summer is up here and you all must be wondering how to tackle the heat around to save your energy from draining! Well, what goes in gives you the maximum stamina you require to keep your body cool and fresh all throughout the day. If you are so bored trying to consume those fruits and veggies directly, here we have some delicious summer special foods that are worth trying!

1. Watermelon twist

watermelon - Food to beat the heat

Why not watermelon, spinach, and cheese all together in layers rather than in a bowl? Blend the spinach with walnuts, garlic, olive oil, salt, and pepper as you wish. Cut the watermelon and cheese in a shape that you would like to have and layer them with cooked spinach. While watermelon helps you in being hydrated, spinach regulates blood pressure during summer.


2. Salads to feel lighter

salad - Food to beat the heat

A combination of citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit along with radish will provide a perfect salad. You can add more to it as per your interest and end up having a salad that is a combination of all body cooling ingredients.


3. Refreshing rosemary lemonade drink

Rosemary- Food to beat the heat

Crush rosemary with peppercorns separately. Squeeze a bottle of lemon juice, add honey as required, mix the crushed rosemary and peppercorns. You can refrigerate this and consume throughout the day.


4. Appetizing lassi

lassi - Food to beat the heat

Have you ever tried a lassi with cucumber, amla, and mint? Well, these are three powerful cooling components that help your body feel fresh. Blend all the three in a mixer and add as much as buttermilk or yogurt to it and serve it cold. A lassi in a contemporary style is worth trying!


5. Ragi to be robust

ragi- Food to beat the heat

Ragi or finger millet is an effective ingredient with lots of nutrients in it and is less in fat content. This not only cools your body but also helps in diabetes and weight control. Mix a spoon or two of ragi in boiling water and consume it hot or cold.  Alternatively, ragi batter can also be used in dosa and idli in the place of rice flour.

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