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Guide to Frozen Food- Items to Avoid & Consume

Team BetterButter | April 30, 2019

Rapid freezing of food items has is a proven and preferred method to preserve the food. The frozen food would be maintained at the specified range of temperature until it is consumed. This facilitation has brought a revolutionary change in the lifestyle of millions. It is possible for us to make sure that the food remains fresh and can be carried easily during the expeditions, journeys and adverse weather conditions.

Let us go through the frozen food items that we must avoid and their alternatives:

Smoothie based mixtures:

There are some products that don’t contain any fruit and are made of the added flavours, sugar and gum. You must avoid these types of smoothie based mixtures. It would be good to buy and consume smoothies made of portioned fruits and vegetables, whole fruits and some veggies in the frozen form.

Brown boiled rice:

It would be unnecessary and costly to buy brown boiled rice in the frozen form. Most of the buyers feel that they are saving their time. However, the best alternative can be cooking rice yourselves and keeping it in the freezer packing in the appropriate bags; so that you get it ready to eat whenever you need.

Pasta dishes:

It would be better to keep the frozen pasta dishes out of your list of comfort food. The frozen pasta dishes contain an additional amount of sodium and fats that are not good for your health. Instead, if you cook your own pasta, you can have better control over the sausage and the siding to ensure better nutritional value and taste as well.

Frozen waffles:

Consuming frozen waffles may not be healthy for you as they lack fibres and protein. The best alternative can be making your own waffles using whole wheat grain and protein powder. This can be fibre-rich and healthy too, as it provides you loads of protein. You can keep these waffles in the freezer and take out and toss as and when needed.

Kids’ meal:

You may feel it fancy to take out the frozen packets of kids’ meal, heat it in the oven and serve your kids. However, you should avoid this as the frozen kids’ meal carries more than half of the fats that are required for your loved one for the entire day. Fresh food can be the best option; and if you wish to stick to the freezer, baked chicken nuggets with frozen vegetables can be a good alternative.

In short, frozen food can be a good option for the diet, when it is practically difficult to cook fresh food and avail some food items at a remote or distant place. Again, without denying the benefits, you need to be choosy while picking up the right frozen food for you and the members of your family with respect to nutritional facts.


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