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Gift ideas for Foodies

Team BetterButter | April 30, 2019

If you or your friend is a foodie, then obviously you both might be fond of collecting different food accessories such as trays, scoops, lunch boxes, etc and displaying them in your food shelf. Well, all foodies love everything that can enhance their experience of enjoying food.  So, if you want to gift something to your foodie friend or relative, then you should think of those gift items that can enhance their experience of having food. Here are a few gift ideas to get started:



You might have visited various places with your foodie friend and would have captured those memories in pictures. In order to relieve those moments and to gift something amazing to your foodie friend, you can create a custom serving tray.  You can paste your pictures and choose suitable designs of food items that he/she likes to decorate the tray. The tray will surely add great meaning to his/her crockery shelf.


  • Chocolate Set


Who in the world doesn’t like eating chocolates? If your friend/relative is a foodie then he/she must be a chocolate lover. So, it will be a great idea to give the chocolate set. A plethora of chocolate sets is available in the market in different shapes.  So, the foodie will surely love to bake chocolates in different shapes be it a cycle, star, rainbow or even fries. This will even add immense taste and excitement in the dessert.


  • Recipe Box and Cards


A foodie person always loves to try different dishes. They like to mix different ingredients together to make a mouth-watering dish. So, you can encourage the aspiring chef in your life by presenting him/her with a recipe box to learn new recipes. You can also give cards where the foodies can jot down their signature recipe.


  • Cookie Spoon


Who doesn’t like to eat cookies dipped in milk? But what if that cookie falls in the cup or your fingers get wet? It becomes all messed up if something like this happens. So gifting a foodie friend with a cookie spoon is a great way to show your love. With the spoon, your friend can enjoy the cookies by dipping them in milk.


  • Lunch Boxes


The more beautiful the lunch box, the better the food will taste. And foodies are always after tasty food. So, it’s a good idea to gift a beautiful and striking lunch box to your friend and let your love and care taste up their food.


  • Tea Infuser


If your friend is a tea lover, then why to let him/her use the same old tea infuser when the most amazing and well-designed tea infusers are in the market? Yes, you can buy quirky tea infusers from the market and gift it to your friend. There are ample designs available in the market, so you will surely get the design that your foodie pal likes the most.


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