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Tips For Leftover Food Usage

Team BetterButter | April 30, 2019

Get creative with your leftovers. Have last night’s leftover rice or dal. Well, there’s something you can do with any food that’s leftover.


We bring you 5 tasty dishes that you can make using your left overs


  1. Veg Sandwich


Have leftover sabzi ?? Fret not. You can use them in making some yummy sandwiches Stuff the sabzi inside two bread slices and grill them with some butter. You can use any sabzi, aloo gobhi sabzi, rajma and potato curry for the same. Jazz them up with some mint coriander chutney .


  1. Kheema Paratha


You can make these delicious yet filling kheema Paratha using leftover minced meat.Spread some keema over the flattened dough,stuff it and roll it out again Spread some clarified butter over the sides. Fry until golden brown with butter.Serve hot with cooling raita and a pickle or chutney of your choice.


  1. Fried Rice

You can make fried rice with your leftover rice without much hassle. Just fry veggies of your choice and add masalas and seasonings to your liking. And a delicious fried rice is ready. You can also add boiled eggs or scrambled eggs to add an extra flavour.


  1. Chapati Poha


The procedure for making chapati poha is same, including the spices. Just replace the flattened rice with torn bits of leftover roti/chapati . Enjoy this tasty treat!


  1. Dal Pav Bhaji

Don’t throw away your leftover Dal. Here’s something you can do with it! Boil the vegetables of your you would like to add in the bhaji. Heat the leftover dal, and add ginger garlic paste


  • boiled vegetables and pav bhaji masala and salt. That’s it . Top it with a dollop of butter and serve with bread.


Do you know any creative recipes that you can make with leftover food. Do share with us!


Image Sources: Veg Recipes of India, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, BetterButter

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