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Healthy alternatives to sugar

Team BetterButter | May 21, 2019

Sugar is one of the most useless ingredients as it doesn’t contain any protein, fat or vitamins.  In fact, it harms our body when consumed in a large amount. When consumed in excess, sugar can lead to diabetes, heart problems as well as cancer as it reacts with our hormones and leads to weight gain, low functioning of the immune system and improper metabolism.

However, there are various alternatives to sugar that provide the same taste and keeps our body healthy too.



It is one of the most preferred alternatives of sugar in our daily lives as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and increases the level of antioxidants in our body. People suffering from high insulin or various other diseases are recommended honey as it promises health benefits. Apart from the benefits it provides, it must be noticed that honey is sugar too, so it is not entirely harmless for your body.


  • Agave Nectar


This sugar substitute is extracted from the Agave plant and is quite similar to honey in taste but thinner than it. Agave nectar or agave syrup contains more minerals and vitamins as compared to normal sugar and enhances the metabolic activities in the body. Sugar takes time to get dissolved in drinks and foods but agave nectar can easily get soluble in them. However, if you consume a large quantity of agave nectar, you can face various diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver as well as reduced metabolism.


  • Birch Sugar


Birch sugar or Xylitol prepared from vegetables and fruits, is a sugar alcohol used as its substitute for various items. Just like the normal sugar, birch sugar is sweet enough in taste and is produced in industries. This sugar doesn’t allow your teeth to catch cavities and keeps your sugar level in control unless eaten in excess.


  • Stevia


Stevia is extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana, a shrub mostly found in South America. This sweetener is considered to be healthier than various other alternatives of sugar and is known to provide maximum health benefits. Stevia is known to produce various compounds and one of them is stevioside which is helpful during high blood pressure. It lowers sugar level protecting your body from diabetes.


  • Erythritol


This compound is similar to Xylitol and contains only 6% calories as compared to the sugar. Our body doesn’t have the enzymes that can break erythritol so it directly gets absorbed in the blood and is excreted from the body through urine. Consuming it regularly in a minimum amount will not harm your body at all but if you go after higher doses, then it can create digestive problems in some people.

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