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Helpful Tips to Maintain Weight during the Winters

Bindiya Sharma | November 14, 2018

With the onset  of winters, there is a  tendency to overeat. One wants something to munch on all the time, and because of this craving, it is very easy to put on weight. Don’t worry! We have for you some unique tips that will help you keep your winter weight in check and will keep both you and your tummy happy!


1) Make Breakfast Healthy

Parathas are the preferred breakfast option in almost all households, but for the sake of your stomach you will have to give up this option and adopt these healthy breakfast options: 

  • Steamed idli
  • Steamed dhokla
  • Poha etc.


2) Let Soup be the Starter instead of Salads

When you arrive home on a foggy evening and you get hot pakoras to eat, then definitely one is tempted to eat. But if there is a healthy starter, then it is definitely soup. Soup makes your stomach feel full and you eat less than you normally would, the right time however to have soup is at 7 in the evening. Vegetable soup, tomato soup, mushroom soup, carrot soup … there is no dearth of soup options!


3) Eat Homemade Sweets

Completely giving up sweets in winters is not less than a sin. If you wish to eat sweets, then it is better to eat homemade halwa rather than sweets from outside. When you make sweets in the house then everything is in your hands- how much ghee to add, how much sugar to use or even the not using. Iron-rich jaggery is a good option for keeping your body warm in winters.


4) Order Home Delivery instead of Eating Outside

Now you must be wondering what’s the benefit of this? The advantage is that when you order an hour before eating, you tend to eat less. While in the restaurant, immediately after the meal is served, you tend to unknowingly eat more. Plus you have the option to order more while in a restaurant but while eating at home, you won’t order again!


5) The Best Exercise Award goes to Dance

You must have heard a lot of people say that it is not possible for them to go to the gym or do yoga, but dance is a form of exercise that anyone can easily do. If you can take out half an hour daily for dancing to your favorite song then your fitness is assured.


6) Less Carbs, More Protein

Junk food and cold drinks contain carbs that increase your weight while all pulses, chickpeas, meats, and dairy products are rich in proteins, and their consumption in winter is beneficial.


7) Warm Water and Green Tea

Always keep drinking warm water and green tea during winters because it helps in keeping your weight in check and also keeps the body healthy. Another benefit is that you will tend to drink less of tea and of coffee.

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Bindiya Sharma


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