Henna Tips by Hair Expert Jawed Habib

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Henna or Mehendi is an important part of the Indian culture. Henna is a flowering plant found in the tropics and this plant has been used for coloring hair for centuries. Henna can be used as a natural hair conditioner, a natural anti-dandruff pack and as a natural way to reduce the itchiness of the scalp. However, some people complain of dry hair after applying henna. The color that one gets as a result of the henna application is highly individualistic due to differences in base hair color and texture.

If you too face the problem of dry hair or get a lighter hair color after applying henna, then don’t worry, as we have the perfect solution to your problem. Here are some tips given by Hair Expert Jawed Habib, that can help you get effective results from applying henna on your hair.  

People who apply henna on the hair complain that their hair turns red or orange after application, and these include people who have grey hair and apply henna to cover their greys. Henna gives a good color to normal hair but it gives a very inappropriate shade to grey hair. So to get rid of such weird shades, use turmeric powder. Yes, the same turmeric powder we use in cooking. Turmeric has antibacterial properties and also helps to get rid of any dandruff present on the scalp. The turmeric powder will darken the color of henna after application. In addition, you can also add Indigo leaves powder.  The Indigo powder along with turmeric powder will turn the henna color from reddish to a slight burgundy.

How to Use: 

Take about  200 grams of natural henna powder, and add about 50 grams of turmeric powder along with 50 grams of Indigo powder to it. Mix it well.

Apply the mixture on the hairs strand by strand starting from the scalp and then moving to the tips. After application, cover hair with a hair cap as henna only works if it hasn’t dried. Leave it for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash your hair with normal water.

Note: Don’t shampoo your hair the same day you apply henna. 

Open the link given below to see the correct procedure to apply henna on your hair:


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