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Home Remedies to Dye Hair Permanently

Ankit Kumar | May 17, 2018

The sight of grey hair right before going to a party is the worst thing that can happen to any woman. If your salon visit for getting your hair dyed every month is digging a hole in your pocket, try some of these natural ways to dye your hair permanently.

1. Black Tea

Just one cup of tea is enough to remove the dullness of the entire day. If you want to dye your hair black at home, then boil some tea leaves without adding sugar and let it cool for some time. Washing your hair with this water regularly can turn your hair black forever.


2. Amla Juice

Since ages amla or Indian gooseberry has been used to keep hair healthy. You too can use amla juice to solve the problem of grey hair. For this, keep the amlas soaked in water overnight in an iron wok. In the morning, grind the soaked amlas and make a paste of it. Apply this paste on your hairs and scalp and leave it for two hours. Repeating this procedure continuously for some weeks can turn your grey hair black.


3. Onion Juice

Onion is a compulsory ingredient in most Indian cuisines. But do you know that onion juice can also turn your grey hair black? Apply some onion juice at the roots of your hair, half an hour before bathing and clean your hairs with a mild shampoo afterward. Continuous usage will turn those grey hair black straight from the roots!


4. Castor Oil and Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be easily found in your kitchen. Before bathing, apply a mixture of two teaspoons castor oil and some lemon juice on your hair. Wash the hair with any good shampoo after two hours. Regular use of this mixture will not only turn your grey hairs black but also make them long and shiny.


5. Almonds and Sesame Seeds

Everybody knows that consuming almonds regularly can increase your memory power.  But do you know it can also turn your hair black? Keep some almonds and sesame seeds soaked in water overnight. Grind the almonds and sesame seeds together and apply them to your hair in the morning. Wash your hair after two hours. After a few days, you will notice a decrease in grey hair.

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