How to Add your Step by Step Video Recipe

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1. First check if your app is updated. This is very important because without updating your app you will not get the ‘add a video option’.

2. To update your app: Go to PLAYSTORE -> Search for BetterButter -> if it says UPDATE click it (If it doesn’t say UPDATE AND SAYS OPEN, not to worry, it means your app is updated)

3. Next Click on Add recipe. After each step you will see ‘Add a video option’. (Tip: You can take short videos while cooking and add the recipe later.)

4. How to Access your videos later: PLEASE NOTE YOUR VIDEOS WILL NOT SHOW IN THE DRAFT UNTIL IT IS UPLOADED. IT IS STILL SAVED IN YOUR SYSTEM SO DO NOT WORRY. Go back to add a recipe. Now, click add a video after the relevant step. This page will open. Here you can either add a new video by clicking the “plus button’ or select an old video.

5. Remember to take videos of critical steps. No need to take videos of very easy steps.

6. It may also be that even though your app is updated, you cannot see the video option. This could be because you have not granted permission to access the videos. To grant permission do the following. Go to settings -> apps -> BetterButter -> permissions -> Put camera on

7. Remember! You can only take videos through the ‘add recipe button’ in the app.

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