How to Dress your Child for Playtime?

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For children playing time is like love, sunshine, and broccoli all juiced together. If they have to play, they will, without paying heed to the weather. But as parents, you always dress them in the right clothing that can help protect your child from sun exposure, mosquito bites and stings from insects. Here are 5 fantastic things to follow while dressing up your child for playtime-

1. Sun Protection

dressing children 1 playing

Protect your child from harmful sun rays by dressing him/her up in light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. The key is to cover as much skin as possible.


2. Breathable Fabric

dressing children 5 clothes

Choose cotton and tightly-woven fabric because you want little light to shine through. Though best sun protection is provided by heavier, less stretchy and dark colored fabrics but most of us do not choose them in the summer. You can also wash summer clothes in SunGuard, a detergent that delivers sunscreen to the fabric.


3. Protection from Mosquitoes

dressing children 2 mosquito

Opt for long-sleeves shirts and pants to protect your child against mosquito bites. Let him be fully armed by applying mosquito repellent on the body or clothes.


4. Comfortable Shoes

dressing children 4 shoes

Although it feels nice to wear flip-flop sandals in the summer, but sports shoes and sneakers are great for running and playing. They also help prevent tripping, splinters, stubbed toes and bee stings.


5. Soft Cotton Socks

dressing children 3 socks

Always make him wear cotton socks to absorb heat and prevent athlete’s foot.

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