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How to Keep Kids away from Gadgets- 7 Simple Tips

Priyanka Verma | March 7, 2018

Nowadays most parents face problems while interacting with their kids as kids just don’t budge away from the phone or TV. They are completely glued to their cartoon shows or youtube videos and they don’t have time to talk to their parents!

In today’s time, each household has a variety of gadgets and it is completely natural for children to be knowledgeable about them from an early age. In fact, the real reason behind kids’ ignorant behavior is us – the elders!! This is because we ourselves expose our kids to all these things and awe at them when they learn things fast. When they get addicted, we have a problem….

To make your kids stop watching the smartphone or TV is no less than a challenge. Here are a few tips to drive kids away from gadgets-

1. Reduce your own screen time

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As you do this, your child will also learn the same habit. Refrain from using the phone in front of your child as much as possible as kids imitate parents.


2. Set a timetable for your child

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This will help you to manage your child’s activities and he/she will also be satisfied that he is being allowed to watch TV as well.


3. Make kids join hobby classes

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Not only will the child learn something new, he will get less time to watch TV and phone.


4. Encourage kids to play outside

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This will increase his social circle and channelize his energies. Outside play is also helpful in physical development and wellbeing.


5. Family members to play with the child

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They should not give in to the demands of the child. Keep the child occupied in other activities.


6. Do some activities with your child

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You may do some painting, read a story, play a quiz or solve a crossword. When you spend time with kids, not only will they feel good, they will not feel like watching the TV or phone.


7. Take your child to the park

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Make him/her sit on the swings and enjoy the fresh air. If they keep sitting at home the entire day, they will get bored and will eventually indulge in watching TV.

It isn’t a good idea to scold your child for this. Give them a logical reason instead. You can make kids above 4 years old understand how harmful it is to watch these gadgets for long and that they affect the eyes and brain adversely.

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