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How To Remove Burnt Smell From Milk?

Wondering How To Remove Burnt Smell From Milk? Here Are Some Easy Recipes And Kitchen Hacks

Saumya Srivastava | April 9, 2019

Sometimes when milk gets burnt, it acquires the burning smell leaving it unusable. This happens when milk is left on the gas for a longer duration. Consuming burnt milk won’t make you sick, but the burning smell can leave a bad taste in your mouth. However, there are ways that’ll ensure that your burnt milk doesn’t go to waste. We asked home chefs what do they do in such a situation, and there were some interesting findings that we would love to share with you. Here are some useful tips to remove burnt smell from Milk.

  1. 1. Using bay leaves is one of the best ways to remove the burnt smell from milk. Just roast 2 bay leaves along with cardamom and cloves to get rid of the burnt milk smell. Add it to burnt milk and soon the burnt smell will get removed.
  2. 2. Another ingredient that you can use for removing the burnt milk smell is cinnamon. Just like bay leaves, roast cinnamon and then add it to burnt milk. The moment the smell gets removed, you can use it.
  3. 3. Betel leaves are one of the most effective ways to remove the burnt milk smell. Just add the betel leaves to milk and witness the fading of the burnt smell.
  4. 4. Another interesting kitchen hack is to use onion water. You can also use lemon water for removing the burnt smell of the milk. Boil the lemons for some time and later add them to milk.

So, follow these easy kitchen hacks and get rid of the burnt smell.


How To Remove Burnt Smell From Milk? Make These Dessert Recipes With Burnt Milk

1. Milk Pudding

Milk Pudding

Wondering what to do with burnt milk, then make delicious dessert recipes. Milk pudding is one of the most popular dessert recipes that you can make with burnt milk. For making milk pudding,  you can follow our milk pudding recipe. Making milk pudding is one of the best ways to remove the burnt milk taste.

2. Fruit Icecream

Fruit Icecream

Other burnt milk uses include, making a mouth-watering fruit ice cream. Just add sugar to the heated milk and let it dissolve. Afterwards, add vanilla extract to it. In another bowl, pour the fruit pulp. Now put both the containers in the refrigerator and mix them well. Let the entire mixture freeze for a good time. And when finally your fruit ice cream is ready to eat, drool over its delectable flavours. You can also follow our fruit ice cream recipe for a memorable experience.

3. Custard


How to remove the burnt smell from milk? You can make custard even with the burnt milk. All you have to do is add custard powder, sugar, and water to a bowl and mix them well. Later, add the mixture to the boiled milk. Whisk all of it properly so that the custard is super delicious. The smell of custard will overcome the smell of burnt milk.


Other Recipes To Make With Burnt Milk

1. Paneer

Has the milk burnt while boiling? Then, do not worry as there is a lot that you can do even with burnt milk. You can easily convert burnt milk into paneer by adding lemon juice to it. After adding lemon juice, boil it for a while to obtain paneer. You can also use vinegar to extract paneer from burnt milk. Finally, when you obtain a paneer, you can make a number of delicious recipes with it. From kadhai paneer to paneer dosa, there’s a lot that you can do with paneer recipes.

2. Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee

Another useful burnt milk recipe includes making coffee. Just add coffee powder and sugar to a cup and add water to it. Mix them well until the colour goes light and the mixture gets creamy. Add the mixture to the boiling water and let it boil. Later, sip the freshly prepared hot coffee which can remove all your tiredness. The smell of coffee is so strong that it easily masks the smell of burnt milk to go away.


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If you are still wondering if burnt milk is bad for you, then these recipes are there for you. So, make something useful out of the burnt milk instead of just trying to remove the smell of burnt milk.


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