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If you have High BP, Stay Away from these Foods!

Bindiya Sharma | December 6, 2018

The bitter truth about today’s fast paced life is the occurrence of high blood pressure. This is mainly the result of an irregular and unbalanced lifestyle, due to which the blood pressure is higher than normal and if the condition persists for a long time then you are at an increased risk of getting heart disease. By changing dietary habits you can control high blood pressure to a great extent. If you are also struggling with this problem, then today we will tell you the things that you should be eating in very little quantity or not at all to better manage your high blood pressure.


1) Sugar and Salt

It might sound strange but these two essential food items can increase your blood pressure in an unnatural way. You can reduce this risk to a great extent by limiting your sugar and salt intake. A healthy person does not need more than 2300 mg of sodium per day, but instead of avoiding sugar, you need to avoid that “extra” sugar in your diet. The American Heart Association has set a daily requirement of six small teaspoons of sugar for women and about nine small spoons for men.


2) Packaged Soups

You will be shocked to see the high sodium content of ready made packaged soups. This is done by companies so that both the shelf life and use of the soups  can be increased. Salt also helps to enhance the taste of noodles and vegetables. Making soup at home is very easy and it tastes much better. So even if you have to buy canned soup due to lack of time, then look for a ready made soup with low-sodium.


3) Packaged Tomato Products

If you pay attention, you will find that the taste of tomatoes grown at home compared to the tomatoes bought from the big store is very different; home grown tomatoes taste much better. Tomato products are made from large-scale tomato farming which require a lot of sodium in order to make products such as sauces, ketchup etc. good and tasty, and this is very harmful for people with high blood pressure.


4) Packaged Meat Products

Ready made meat products such as bacon, sausage and other meats require lots of salt to preserve them for long periods of time. Instead, you should eat fresh food and if you eat meat, then buy fresh meat from any butcher shop.


5) Alcohol

Alcohol is not considered to be a very good thing in terms of health but it can be especially harmful to people with high blood pressure. Alcohol may contain high sugar content or it may also be mixed with sugar or other beverages. Consumption of alcohol also leads to dehydration and that is also a reason for an increase in obesity. Both of them are hazardous for people with hypertension.


6) Bakery Items

Pastries, cookies, cakes, donuts and other bakery items are full of sugar and fat. While eating outside, share a  plate of sweets with the entire table so that you do not eat more than required. To cook at home, you can use the sauce made from apples, dates, pure maple syrup, raw honey, and sugar made of coconut etc. These are all low at the glycemic level and also provide other important antioxidants, electrolytes and nutrients.


7) Soft Drinks

Only one bottle of soda/carbonated beverage is enough to damage you as much as extra sugary food does. Caffeinated soda enhances your energy immediately after drinking, but this feeling is just for a little while.  With a light sweet tea or coffee, you can get the right dose of caffeine and they are a much better option that soft drinks. It is even better  to try drinking some fruit juices or mint in cold water, to immediately get energy and freshness.

Your health is in your own hands. It is better not to risk your health for the sake of a few moments of good taste. This process can take some time but soon you will find yourself feeling better after adapting to your new taste.

Image Source: Pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, maxpixel, flicker, pxhere, pexels. 

Bindiya Sharma




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