Jawed Habib asks you not to Towel Dry your Hair!

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Does your hair seem tangled, dull and dry, almost as if they have no life in them? If yes then hair expert Jawed Habib explains the main reason why this is happening and what to do about it. Jawed says that it’s been many years that we have been making these mistakes in the care of our hair and today he has a very straightforward and simple treatment for it. So are you also making these mistakes with your hair?


1) Do you use a Towel after Washing your Hair?

Yes, we all do but if you have colored hair, burnt hair or rough hair, then by using ordinary towels, hair will tend to break even more and become worse. Rather than using towels, it is better to use a dhoti or a t-shirt. For more information, see Jawed Habib’s video-


2) Do you Wash Hair with Hard Water?

It is said that water quality tends to be different for different regions. If  hair is washed with salt/hard water, then no matter how many conditioners you apply, it will not shine because when the root of the tree is damaged, there is no way you can get any fruit! Jawed says there is no need to take tension, if water is salty, then add half a teaspoon of baking soda. For details see the link given below.


3) Do you Pre-Condition before Shampooing?

Remember, the most common reason for the dull, lifeless hair is the lack of moisture. Just like our skin needs a moisturizer, our hair also need proper nutrition, so always pre-condition (means oil massage) before using a shampoo.

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