Is cooking in the non-stick pan really healthy for you?

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If you have a passion for cooking then you must like to cook in nonstick utensils. Nowadays everyone prefers non-stick utensils over other cooking materials, and we all know the reason behind this. These utensils are very easy to clean as they are coated with a special non-stick coating which prevents the food from sticking to the surface. Another amazing quality of non-stick utensils is their ability to cook food using very less oil.

But do they have any harmful effect on your health? Let’s find out.

1. Poisonous smoke emanates from non-stick utensils

1.harmful fumes.nonstick

Most nonstick utensils have a coating of polytetrafluoroethylene called Teflon. It was found that if the pans are heated beyond 360°C while cooking, the PTFE coating starts to dissociate, releasing poisonous gases, which can slowly affect your health in a bad way. These gases can cause polymer fume fever in humans and are fatal for birds!!

2. Non-stick utensils could become a staging ground for various diseases

The excessive use of nonstick utensils leads to scratching of the Teflon coating on top of it and unconsciously, it can make its way into our food which can be harmful to our health. The smoke coming out by burning Teflon raises the risk of cancer. Pregnant women should avoid using the nonstick vessel. These may also increase the thyroid levels in women.

If you still prefer cooking food on non-stick utensils then you can reduce the risk by keeping certain things in mind.


  • Do not leave an empty non-stick utensil on a burning gas stove because the empty utensil heats faster which can burn the Teflon coating and generate poisonous smoke.
  • Do not forget to turn on the exhaust fan while cooking. Also, open the windows of the house so that the smoke can get out.
  • If the coating of the nonstick utensil wears off, then avoid cooking food in that utensil.
  • With nonstick utensil use spatula made up of wood, silicon or food grade plastic.

What other non-stick options does the market offer other than Teflon?

  1. Stainless Steel wares

Food Grade stainless steel utensils are a good option for cooking food as stainless steel is more durable and sturdy and has fewer chances of wearing off.

  1. Cast-Iron Cookware

Cast iron is practically a non-stick if used properly. It can also be used for cooking food which requires high temperature.

  1. Earthen Pottery

These utensils are being used around the world for thousands of years. They get equally heated all around and work just like non-stick. There is neither any fear of damage due to high temperature nor due to any scratches.

  1. Ceramic coated utensils

These utensils are the latest inventions in terms of non-stick wares as compared to the Teflon coated utensils. These are known for their excellent non-stick properties but can get damaged if not used carefully.

  1. Silicon wares

Silicone is a synthetic rubber which works better for baking. As baking is done away from the flames, hence it is better used for baking purposes.

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