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Is your Sleeping Position is Right or Wrong!

Nupur Kumari | May 22, 2018

Our body needs proper rest to rejuvenate and for that to happen,  one needs to get adequate sleep. Inadequate sleep is very harmful to our health. And when it comes to the proper position for sleeping, most of us tend to sleep in the wrong position. Your sleeping position is directly related to any kind of abnormal functioning of your bodies such as snoring, burning sensation due to gas and acidity and even an early sign of wrinkles.

So let’s answer them all. What is the best position for sleeping? Which position is most harmful to our body and in what position do most of us actually sleep? 

1) The Most Correct Position: Back sleep (sleeping on your back)

If you sleep with your face facing the ceiling, then your sleeping position is giving you great benefits. This is because all your weight is well distributed on the spinal cord (vertebrae) when you are sleeping in this position. And because your head remains upwards, the food does not rise above and so you do not have complains of gas, heartburn and vomiting. Sleeping in this position also prevents wrinkles. In this position, if you sleep with a pillow between both your knees, it will help you in preventing back pain. But those who are facing the problem of snoring, they should avoid sleeping in this position. 


2) Second Correct Position: Sleeping with your Body turned towards the Left

If you love sleeping on your sides then experts suggest that you should sleep with your body turned to your left. Sleeping like this helps in proper blood circulation, prevents flatulence, back pain, and other diseases. When you sleep with your body turned to your left, it creates stress on your liver and lungs, so if you have any illness related to your internal organs you should strictly avoid sleeping in this position. This position can also cause wrinkles due to the effect of gravity.


3) Bad Position: Sleeping with your Body turned towards the Right

If having a sound sleep means that you need to sleep with your body turned to your right, then you are inviting many diseases. This is because the center of our circulatory system, i.e. our heart, is on the right side and while sleeping in this position, we are unknowingly putting pressure on it. Sleeping in this position leads to tension in the lungs as well.


4) Worst Position: Sleeping on the Stomach

Even if snoring can be reduced in this position, this position of sleeping is considered to be the worst. But despite being harmful to the body, most of the people like to sleep in this position, hence it is also called the “Free Fall”. But you will be surprised to know its adverse effects. This position helps in elongating your backbone (spinal cord), thus it leads to back pain and other such back-related problems. It creates pressure on the neck and head and also prevents proper blood circulation. This sleeping position increases difficulties for obese people.


Our advice :

People sleep in the position in which they feel comfortable. But there is no harm in trying new and correct sleeping positions. If you sleep for a few days in a new position, you will yourself get used to it.

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