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Jawed Habib’s Tips to get Rid of Split Ends!

Loveleen Gupta | September 26, 2018

The ends of your hair split when they become dry and brittle. Split ends make hair look frayed. A common problem, the occurrence of split ends can be blamed on hair care routines, styling techniques, lack of nourishment, extreme temperatures and chemical hair products.

Once hair splits at the ends, an individual needs to go in for a cut to get them removed. Though there are a number of techniques in the market that suggest that they can get rid of split ends, such techniques only help conceal the split ends rather than getting rid of them completely.

The only way to get rid of split ends is to ensure that they do not happen. Here are a few tips shared by hair expert Jawed Habib,  that show how one can avoid split ends in the first place.


1) Detangle


Hair expert Jawed Habib believes that detangling hair the right way goes a long way in preventing split ends. Before shampooing or pre-conditioning one’s hair, they should detangle it using a paddle brush. Tangled hair leads to breakage and wear and tear during shampooing encourages split ends.

Further, one should always detangle wet hair using a wide-toothed comb. Starting from the bottom, a person should slowly work her way up without pulling the hair. This also stops wear and tear, promoting healthy growth and no split ends.

Tip: Detangle wet hair while still in the shower. Give it a last rinse and it will remain tangle-free longer.

Learn more about Jawed Habib’s tips for split ends by watching this video:


2) Regular Trimming


Regular trimming helps remove the dry and damaged ends before they split and spoil the look of your hair. Regular trims also help to maintain the cut that one is carrying and keeps the bounce of the hair alive. So, going in for regular haircuts is the scientific way to maintain good hair health, says Habib.

Tip: Trimming regularly ensures that your hair grows in a healthy manner.

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