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5 Reasons why you should use Panty Liners?

Nithya Lakshmi | September 26, 2018


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5 Reasons why you should use Panty Liners?

For all those women who feel so uncomfortable down there as it gets wet unexpectedly, panty liners are here to your rescue. Panty liners are thin like sanitary napkins, but not so absorbent. They  help a lot in making you feel comfortable all day long. Though many do not prefer panty liners, given below are five useful reasons for why a woman needs to use them on daily basis-

1) To Keep your Underwear Clean

Is it fine to have a dirt or a stain on those pretty-looking colorful under wears that you had bought out of complete obsession?  Strictly NO! So start using a panty liner to save the fabric. This will help you use your favorite undergarment for an extended time period.


2) To Remain Hygienic and Fresh

Just think about getting a little wet down there amidst your meetings, important presentations, when sitting with your peers cracking jokes, while attending parties and while you are traveling. It will definitely make you feel uncomfortable and might also hinder your routine. Now that could easily be put to an end with the help of panty liners. You will feel fresh and dry down there all day long with panty liners to carry out all your work with ease.


3) To Manage Unexpected Leaks

At times, women face unexpected leaks while they are laughing out loud, during exercises, when they lift something heavy, or even while coughing or sneezing. Using a panty liner on a daily basis will help you come out of this awkward situation. You needn’t worry if it gets wet down there or even bother if it would stain your bottom wear!


4) To Manage an Unexpected Period

Using a panty liner during unexpected periods is more than enough to remain safe from stains. Carry a panty liner with you if you are nearing your menstrual cycle to avoid any embarrassing situations. This would certainly save your favorite underwear and jeans from stains. You can escape from those hectic hours of  washing the blood stains too!


5) To Manage Postpartum Flow

New mothers after giving birth to their babies face a postpartum flow. Panty liners are here to protect them with the extra leakage issues.


Though panty liners have their own benefits, women need to take care of the type of panty liner they are going to use on a daily basis. A wrong product right there in your sensitive area might at times lead to irritation and scars. So when you buy panty liners here are some tips to remember based on its usage, material, and budget.

  • Choose non-toxic, chemical-free panty liners which are free from dyes, perfumes and free from chlorine.
  • Reusable panty liners are more handy for those who are looking for budget-friendly liners for everyday usage.
  • Always opt for organic panty liners made out of cotton if you aren’t comfortable with synthetic liners placed in your intimate parts.
  • Buy convertible panty liners that would fit in any kind of underwear irrespective of the occasion.

Image source: Pixabay, Youtube, Flickr