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Jawed Habib’s Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage

Ankit Kumar | August 17, 2018


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Jawed Habib’s Tips to Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair is the personification of one’s beauty. But in our country most people, especially women, face too much hair fall or hair breakage which tends to reduce the volume of their hair. There are various reasons that are responsible for hair breakage and hair fall. According to celebrity Hair expert Jawed Habib, the most prominent reason for hair fall in the Indian subcontinent is the misinformation about hair breakage that has been spread throughout the country. 

So today we bring to you some tips given by Hair expert Jawed Habib, which can help avoid hair breakage and hair fall: 


1) Shampoo your Hair frequently

The most common misinformation surrounding shampooing is that shampoos contain harmful chemicals which can damage your hair. But in reality,  the purpose of shampooing is only to clean your scalp and hair to make them dirt free. Not shampooing at regular intervals can have adverse effects on your hair as the overproduction of sebum in your hair causes dandruff, which further weakens your hair and also plays an active role in greying of hair.

The only viable solution to this problem is shampooing your hair at a regular intervals, especially if you regularly go outdoors. Shampoo your hair to get rid of the dirt and harmful pollutants from your hair. Doing so will not only control the sebum production in your hair but it will also make your hair bouncy and healthy.


2) Avoid Excessive use of Oil

People love to get a hair massage done with lots of oil!  In fact, we all enjoy a nice champi from time to time. But many people have complained that oiling is making their hair weak and causing hair fall,  so the question arises whether or not oiling is good for your hair. In truth, hair oils are more like a moisturizer. Their primary purpose is to moisturize your hair, so no matter how frequently you use hair oil, oiling will cause hair fall if the oil is not washed off completely. In this case, the excessive oil left on the scalp tends to clog up the pores on your scalp which prevents them from breathing and eventually leads to hair fall.

Solution: Do not oil your hair and leave it overnight.  Always wash your hair within one or two hours of applying hair oil.


3) Correct Use of Conditioner

The primary purpose of applying a conditioner onto your hair is to moisturize your hair and scalp since the shampoo tends to make your hair dry while removing the excess oil and dirt from your hair and scalp. Some people tend to be confused as they don’t know the right way of using a conditioner. 

The right way of applying conditioner is to apply conditioner onto towel dried, shampooed hair. Take a small quantity of conditioner and apply it onto your hair from the root to the tips. Make sure you don’t spill excess conditioner on the scalp. After applying the conditioner, let stay for 5 minutes. Now comes the important part of rinsing off the conditioner. Make sure all of it gets removed as the conditioner is heavy in nature. A conditioner that has not been rinsed out from the hair strands can cause them to break.


For further details, watch the video below:

Image credits: Youtube, Pixabay.