Joint or Nuclear Family- Which one is Better?

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With the saas-bahu serials captivating the whole India, the debatable issue – nuclear family Vs joint family- is blanketing the minds of people. Does a nuclear family mean living life on your own terms or will a joint family offer the valuable piece of wisdom that is beneficial to live a full life? The debate is never-ending.

But it is quintessential to judge both kinds of families on various parameters and then choose which setup suits you the best-

1. Development of personalities

personalities.joint vs nuclear.Hindi

Nuclear family can be one of the best arrangement in terms of the overall expansion of character of individuals. Kids are closer to their parents and have no qualms in discussing their problems. But being free from the social control of senior members, kids sometimes become introvert.


In a joint family, Kids lead a disciplined life under the guidance of extended family members and they tend to be more social.


2. Individual Responsibilities

individual responsibilities nuclear vs Joint Hindi

In a nuclear family, sharing of responsibilities is not just possible. Parents are accountable for their kids and many other aspects of life and there is no shifting of responsibility.


In a joint family, there is always a helping hand. There are so many members to take care of day-to-day tasks and managing daily household chores.


3. Upbringing of Children

upbringing.nuclear vs joint Hindi

In a nuclear family, the role of children in making decision matters. It could be as small as deciding the color of a new car, or as important as deciding what they want to become in their lives. When the child knows that his opinion matters, it helps in shaping his personality.


When you live in a joint family, it helps kids in developing interpersonal skills including sharing, adjustments, cooperation, patience, and endurance. Here, kids are more engaging and lively.


4. Peace and Harmony

peace and harmony.nuclear vs Joint Hindi

There are fewer chances of conflicts and quarrels due to fewer members of the family and it also helps to avoid clashes with the in-laws and the extended family as they do not live together. In short, people are emotionally secured.


As a joint family system is much more interfering so it often invites conflicts on even petty issues. But there is always an instant support during a bad phase or at the time of an emergency.


5. Culture and Traditions

cultures and traditions nuclear vs Joint English (1)

Nuclear family allows the couple to decide and create new conducts to lead their lives in a better way. They are free to make new rules, customs and rituals by mixing the best of their own family rituals.


Joint family shapes an individual’s mind, thought process and ethics. Though often grandparents teach children customs which do not match to today’s modern lives. Nothing can be more valuable than the older generations passing on their traditions to the children.


6. Family Bonding

family bonding nuclear vs Joint Hindi

You meet your extended family only occasionally during parties and get-togethers so members don’t share a very emotional bond.


Grandparents are always there and the child never feels neglected even in the absence of parents. The interaction and bonding in a joint family is much more than any other arrangement.


7. Independence

independence.joint vs nuclear Hindi

When you live in a nuclear family, the steering of life’s car is in your hand and it’s up to you where you want to take it. A child raised in a nuclear family tends to be more independent and learns to take charge of his/her destiny pretty early in life.


A child raised in a joint family sometimes becomes stubborn because his needs are met even before they arise. But this depends on family to family. Otherwise, the role of grandparents is vital as they teach the basic rule about how to treat a person.

A lot has already been said about which system is better? But the fact is that every arrangement has its own pros and cons and there is no right or wrong. Choosing a type of family entirely depends on your circumstances and personal preferences. Which one do you prefer and why?

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