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Karishma Kapoor’s Parenting Tips

Ankit Kumar | April 30, 2018

We all know Karishma Kapoor as a good actress, but she also wants to show her children the right path just like a common mother. Yes, like most of us, she also succumbed many times to her children’s stubbornness. Many times she learns from them, explains them or even scolds them, but recently she has spoken up about many such practices that can be great parenting tips for all mothers.

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Here are Karishma Kapoor’s learnings as a Parent:

1) Pay Attention to the Daily Routine

Karishma says that if a timetable is set, things get very easy for both the mother and the children. Karishma has fixed her time to eat, sleep, wander and play with her children. She also says that her maid has also been given a strict directive, to complete her job as soon as possible so that she can spend more time with her children.


2) Learn from your Mistakes

Karishma believes that we all learn from our mistakes. Even when your child makes a mistake, do not scold them, handle them with love and try to explain to them politely. If you show anger, then your children will also do the same.


3) Make Some Rules

Until Karisma is at home, her children are not allowed to watch television. She says it is very easy to put your children in front of a TV and stay on the phone yourself, but her children know that these rules are for their own good and their mother loves them the most.


4) Honesty is the Best Policy

Sometimes we get too busy with our work. During that time, if our children ask for anything then we lie that it is not available now. We tell lies a lot of times in our everyday life. Once children begin to tell lies even on small issues, it gradually becomes a habit. Children are shadowed by their parents and they will do the same as their parents. Karisma has forbidden her children from lying.


5) Stay Connected with your Roots

Karishma believes that no matter how big a person you become, humility never harms. Arrogance, on the other hand, destroys even the mightiest people, so we should aspire meeting people with a noble intention. Karishma wants to keep her children away from the dazzle of Bollywood and give them an ordinary life and this way she makes sure that they are grounded and connected to their roots.

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