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Latest Designs of Mangalsutra

Bindiya Sharma | October 16, 2018


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Latest Designs of Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra – it’s not just a name … it is a realization. Mangal means auspicious and thread means yarn. Though it might seem just like a piece of jewelry but it’s meaning is larger than life. It is a promise from a husband to his wife that they will spend their entire life together, whether in happiness or in misery. Earlier a very simple design of black and gold beads, with time there have been changes in this, not in its relevance but in the designs. So what’s your favorite design?

1) Five Solitaire Mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra, which is set with 5-solitaires looks so pretty in the hand, so one can only just imagine how beautiful it will look adorned around the neck.


2) Flower Pendant Mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra, studded with rubies ​​and pearls, is a jewelry set as well as a mangalsutra rolled into one. If you want to wear a mangalsutra and enjoy the benefits of a beautiful set as well, then choose this one.


3) Green Studs and Pearl Mangalsutra

The combination of green and white pearls along with the sacred black beads of a traditional mangalsutra makes this mangalsutra the pinnacle of beauty.


4) Damru and Dhol Mangalsutra

This Mangalsutra, made from the figures of Damru and Dhol, looks attractive for any auspicious occasion like a marriage ceremony. You really do not need any other piece of jewelry after wearing this.


5) Red Pearl Mangalsutra

The mangalsutra as well as the colour red are both signs of a married woman. The sanctity of this mangalsutra is reflected in its texture.


6) Rose Gold and Diamond Mangalsutra

The unique design of this mangalsutra sets it apart and makes it the latest, most stylish and glamorous mangalsutra of 2018. So what are you waiting for?


7) Double Rings Mangalsutra

This lovely Mangalsutra made in a double ring design also has matching earrings with it. Whether you wear it everyday or on special occasions, all eyes will be on you only for sure.


8) Diamond Balls Mangalsutra

This mangalsutra, which looks plain, becomes absolutely stylish by the addition of these diamond balls. No one can stop the glow of diamonds from reflecting on your face when you wear it!


9) Ma Lakshmi Mangalsutra

A woman is like the Goddess Lakshmi in the house and when she is given a special place in the Mangalsutra, there is no shortage of happiness and wealth in life.


10) Love Birds Mangalsutra

The two diamond studded shapes in this mangalsutra depict a married couple. This design is simple yet looks lovely.

Image Sources: Pinterest