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Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Nupur Kumari | July 10, 2018



Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage

Last week, I went to attend a friend’s wedding ceremony where I saw that my friends were debating on some serious topic. When I went near them, I found that the topic they were debating on was: Which one is more successful – “Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage”? Everyone was in favor of a love marriage. I thought that my blog must be dedicated to love but my instinct said that our parents are much more experienced than us, so their decisions are always right. They always care for our well being and take the right decisions to ensure a prosperous future for us. Truly speaking, which one of these two is the right way to choose our life partner is an unending debate. But can we reach a conclusion about this and decide which marriage is really better?

Marriage is a sacred bond which unites two souls.  Everyone hopes to find the perfect partner to spend their life with. In the case of a love marriage, you have the privilege of choosing your life partner on your own. On the other hand, in an arranged marriage, your family chooses your life partner. But we all know that a successful relationship is not created when two perfect people meet, rather it is created when two people come together and overcome each other’s weaknesses.


Love Marriage

  • In a love marriage, you marry the person of your choice. As you have been together before, you know everything about him/her beforehand such as his/her likes, dislikes, past relationships, good and bad habits.
  • The couple is responsible for their own decisions. If something goes wrong in the future, then no one else is to be blamed for their decision.
  • Couples who choose love marriage can even object to the dowry system.
  • With mutual understanding, they can reduce the money drain which is very common in Indian weddings.
  • In this type of marriage, both the people involved are very clear about their future goals. They respect each other’s decisions. They plan kids and their careers accordingly.


Arranged Marriage

  • An Arranged Marriage is not the decision of two people; it is the decision of their family as a whole.
  • Both families test each other as well and if all things look right then only they go ahead. In this situation, only your opinion is asked for, but you are also given the power to say “No”.
  • This type of marriage has its own distinct style. When people get to know each other, they are no more strangers. This is the time when love blooms which, in turn, strengthens their eternal bond.
  • It is not that only your husband loves you. Your new family wholeheartedly welcomes you. They all shower their love and blessings upon you.
  • Approval of the parents is considered to be an approval by God.

For a marriage to be successful, two sensible and understanding people are needed. The fact whether the marriage was a love or arranged one, is meaningless. This is just a journey, and you get your partner just by luck. It is your love which drives the relationship to its destination. What do you think?  What would you choose – a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Image Source: Morning tea, pinterest