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Maintain your Health with these Vastu Tips!

Rivanjali Mithal | August 6, 2018

Following Vastu Shastra at home can create a positive environment and send out good vibes. This, in turn, can lead to good health. A healthy home leads to good health.

Your health is directly affected by the surroundings you live in, so a positive and healthy house is essential. The right vastu in the house not only helps to cure diseases, but it can also keep you in good health; both physically and mentally. Vastu pumps up your body and gives it the strength to fight diseases much faster. In fact, he wrong vastu in your house can actually make you prone to illness, mental stress and bad vibes.

Here are a few vastu tips that you should follow in order to maintain your health and avoid any mental and physical stress. 


1) The Direction in which you Sleep

Whenever you sleep, make sure you are sleeping with your head facing south. Sleeping in this direction enables you to sleep better. Better sleep means better health. Also, one should turn towards the right and sleep.


2) Staircase

The staircase is an important part of your house. A staircase should never be constructed in the middle of the house. It should always be made in one corner of the house.


3) The Right Place for the Kitchen

Vastu says that there is a right location for your kitchen.  Make sure your kitchen is situated in the south-west corner of the house.  If the kitchen is not located in this direction, the health of the people living in the house may get affected. 


4) Overhead Beam

Beams are a crucial part of any house. Beams not only make the foundation of the house strong but also add to the decor of the house.  Always make sure that overhead beams don’t cross the house from the middle since it is believed that this can bring negative thoughts into the house.


5) Put Plants inside your Home

Indoor plants are very beneficial for the house. Plants bring positive vibes into the house. If you keep a green pot with green plants in it, in the north direction of the house, it can increase wealth and help with career growth. Indoor plants help to improve health by spreading positive vibes inside the house. 

Image Source: Pixabay, Wikipedia, Mukuro energy living.

Rivanjali Mithal


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