My Husband Cheated on Me…With my own Sister!

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I was so happy when my mother told me that my sister would be coming to Delhi to prepare for her Chartered Accountancy exam!

I have been staying in Delhi for 6 years with my husband Vinay. Like everyone else, who gets very happy when their family members come to stay, I was very excited and happy that my sister, Nidhi, was coming to Delhi. There is no better relationship than the friendship between two sisters! Nidhi told me that she had found a hostel in Laxmi Nagar and that she would be staying in a room there. I was surprised by this decision of hers and immediately told her that when you have your sister with you, why should you stay in a PG? Don’t even think about doing so!

Soon enough, Nidhi started living with my husband and me in our house. Everything was going really well and Vinay was taking good care of the both of us. However, after some time, things started to change. Brother-in-laws and sisters laugh while having a conversation and playfully pinch each other as well, all these things are a part of their relationship, but in my house this brother-in-law and sister relationship was somehow different. Nidhi and Vinay’s eyes when they looked at each other and their body language towards each other, was also slowly becoming very weird.

Vinay brushing Nidhi’s hands when he left, and Nidhi’s smiling and sparkling eyes when he did this -all of this was gradually becoming very clear to me, but both of them thought that I had not noticed anything. One day, Nidhi asked my husband to teach her how to drive a car. Her justification for this was that since she had come to Delhi, she might as well learn how to drive a car since she did not know how to do so. I dismissed this from my head and didn’t think about it too much.

That night, Nidhi was all dressed up when she came out of her room. She told Vinay to come with her to teach her how to drive. Seeing her all dressed up, I asked Nidhi where she was going. She responded by saying that she was going to learn how to drive a car. I asked her why at night? Nidhi said that it was because there would be less traffic at night. Soon enough, Vinay also came. He took the car keys and both Nidhi and he went downstairs.

Looking from upstairs, I saw how Vinay put his arm around Nidhi and how she started to laugh. When they came back, I noticed that there was a pink mark on Vinay’s shirt.   When I asked him about it, Vinay told me that Nidhi wanted to have ice cream. I asked him angrily that if you went out for ice cream, then where is mine? Vinay responded to this and said that I had only told him two-three days ago that I had caught a cold.

So many times, just looking at both Nidhi and Vinay together would bring tears to my eyes, but this behavior of theirs kept on increasing. Anger, sadness and irritability-all these feelings and many more such feelings took root in my head and my heart. When Vinay and Nidhi’s behavior became unbearable and intolerable for me, I finally asked Nidhi if her accountancy exams had got over or not and that mother would be alone at home. Nidhi said that she has no future in Bhopal and that she would do a job in Delhi only.

When Nidhi said this, my doubts turned into reality. One day, Nidhi had gone for a job interview and like every day, Vinay had gone to his office. I had an allergy problem and decided to go to the doctor that day. When I went to the hospital, I was told that the Doctor was dealing with an emergency and I had to come back home early.

When I came back home, I saw that both Nidhi and Vinay’s shoes were lying outside. I was very surprised when I saw their shoes. My heart was in my throat when I slowly entered the room. What I saw when I entered the room, shattered my heart and brought my entire life crumbling around me!

Vinay’s head was on Nidhi’s lap. I quickly opened the entire door and entered the room. On seeing me, both Nidhi and Vinay turned pink with embarrassment.

After seeing them, not even a single tear escaped from my eyes. Instead, this strength somehow poured into me and I immediately said: “Get out of here!.” Nidhi said “Di, I…” I didn’t let her say anything, I just told her “Get out of my House!!”. Meekly, Nidhi got up and started to go.

I turned towards Vinay and told him, “You also get out of my house”. “Someone who makes relations with another woman is NOT my husband and someone who makes relations with my husband is NOT my sister.” On that day only, I threw both of them out of my house since the house is in my name.

It’s been one month since I submitted the divorce papers. Today is the day of the hearing of my case. I am happy that I took this decision because spending your life with a man like Vinay is stupidity and continuing a relationship with a sister like Nidhi, is another stupid thing to do.

I am glad that today, I have understood all of this. It’s pointless to shed tears on a man like Vinay. Why should I wait for him to change and mend his ways? Someone who can do something like this once can also do it again in the future. What happened between Nidhi and Vinay was in front of me, but who knows? Maybe Vinay did something like this behind my back in his office also? I am better off alone than being stuck in a relationship with a philandering husband…Right?

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