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Myths and Facts about Diet during the Winters – Dr. Shikha Sharma

Bindiya Sharma | November 19, 2018

Winters are here and from now on there will be many ailments like cold, cough and fever that we all start suffering from. We pay attention to our diet, but many a times we do not know what is the truth and what is a myth about the diet in winters. Well-known dietitian Dr. Shikha Sharma clears all these doubts, so that there is no confusion –


1) Fact or Fiction: ‘Milk is a complete diet!’

Truth: People think that milk has plenty of power and is filled with nutrients, but it is not so. Milk has calcium and little protein, but it does not contain iron and vitamin C, thus it  is wrong to treat it as a whole diet. If someone is dependent on milk then he will always lack the necessary nutrients in his body.


2) Fact or Fiction: ‘Cholesterol is found in almonds!’

Truth: There is absolutely no truth in this! Cholesterol is not found in any plant product. All animal products such as paneer, ghee, eggs and meat have cholesterol in them. In fact, almonds contains omega 3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart.


3) Fact of Fiction: ‘Eating peanuts leads to gain in weight!’

Truth: Winter is the time to pay attention to  your health. One does not gain weight by eating peanuts. Our weight increases when we eat an excess of refined foods such as sugar, ghee, flour, but eating natural foods like peanuts, coconut or almonds has its own advantages.


4) Fact or Fiction: ‘Milk is beneficial for the body in winter!’

Truth: Not much, milk has the tendency to increase cough, especially buffalo’s milk. And if you have cough or cold, do not drink milk for a few days. That is why milk  consumption should be reduced in winter so that it does not lead to excessive cough.


5) Fact or Fiction: ‘Curd/yoghurt should not be consumed at night and if you are suffering from cold, then curd should not be consumed at all!’

Truth: Curd can be consumed at any time, but it should not be too cold, meaning it should be consumed at room temperature. And if you are suffering from a cold, then do eat curd, because curd is easily digested and is very beneficial for the body.


6) Fact or Fiction: ‘Spices such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves or black pepper damage the body!’

Truth: In winters all these spices are considered to be healthy. They have various benefits- bay leaves destroy the liver’s bacteria or virus, cinnamon is an antioxidant and antibiotic, ginger is very good for winter colds and black pepper is very helpful for throat infections.


7) Fact or Fiction: ‘Eating rice at night leads to obesity!’

Truth: This is true to some extent because when you eat white rice at night, water gets accumulated in the body and the body swells up, but it all happens gradually. By the way, one should always try to eat a low calorie meal at night, but if you are fond of eating rice at night then remove the starch and then consume it.

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