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Negative Calorie Foods that help in weight loss

Team BetterButter | April 16, 2019

Our busy life, unhealthy food habits, and lifestyle are all the major drivers that pile up extra mass in our body. Weight gain is a major issue with many people today and everyone looks at different ways to shed extra weight. From exercising, regular yoga to following a diet plan, people try all odds to come back in shape. Till now, you must have heard of avoiding different food items to avoid weight gain. But, have you ever heard that eating some food items can accelerate the process of weight loss?

In this blog, we have curated a list of 7 amazing negative calorie foods that help in weight loss:   


  • Cucumber


A cucumber has weight loss benefit in addition to beauty benefits. It contains lots of water and is rich in nutrients, so it can satiate our hunger. Thus, consuming raw cucumber regularly can help in regulating weight.  


  • Apples



According to a famous saying “An apple a day keeps the doctors away”. Yes, Apple is loaded with immense benefits for our health. It contains vitamin, essential nutrients and dietary fibers that are good for the health. Furthermore, it is effective in weight loss. Our body uses more calories to digest apple than the calories that it adds to the body. So, in this way, apple helps in burning calories.     


  • Tomatoes


The outer layer of tomato, better known as lecithium, takes up more calories to get digested than the number of calories added to the body. Thus, tomatoes help in burning calories. So, you can include tomatoes in your salad and munch it quite often.   


  • Broccoli


Broccoli is a powerhouse of health benefits. This vegetable is the secret behind the well-toned body of many people. If you too aspire to get back in shape, then you can include Broccoli soup or raw Broccoli in your daily diet. It will surely help in shedding extra pounds.  


  • Watermelon


Watermelon is the fruit that contains the highest amount of water. It is one of the best fruits for those seeking to lose weight quickly. It takes more calories of the body for digestion than it provides to the body. Furthermore, it also keeps us full. So, you can use it to fight hunger pangs in between the meals.


  • Lemon Juice


If you are looking for a drink that accelerates weight loss, then you should go for lemon juice. The juice helps in burning calories instead of adding it to the body. Furthermore, it is also effective to give relief from acid burns.   


  • Black Coffee


Everyone is aware of the fact that coffee serves as a nervous stimulant and keeps us active. In addition to that, coffee also helps in boosting the metabolism of the body. So, black coffee should be included in your weight loss regime.

So, these were 7 negative calorie food items that facilitate weight loss. You should include all of these in your regime and witness the change yourself.  


Image Sources: Pixabay, Picserver, Wikimedia Commons

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