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Summer Food Tips

Team BetterButter | April 16, 2019

Summer Food Tips

Here comes the summer season accompanied by sweltering sun and soaring temperature that causes a lot of discomfort in performing our mundane task. In addition to this, it can affect our health to a great extent. One may suffer from headache, unconsciousness, dehydration, heat cramps, sunburn, and excessive sweating during the summers. These can be avoided and you can keep yourself active during the summer days by eating the right food and following the right healthcare regime.

Here are some amazing summer food tips that you can follow:

What to consume?


Consuming plenty of liquid is the best way to keep hydrated in summers. So, you should include liquid drinks in your diet.

  • You should increase your water intake to 3-4 liters a day.
  • Lime water, buttermilk, coconut water and natural juices should be consumed. Coconut water is the best to keep heat-related problems at bay.   
  • Instead of regular tea, you can go for iced tea. It refreshes and gives a kickstart to the day.
  • You can also drink traditional drinks like nimbu sharbat, aam panna and cocum sharbat.


Tomatoes bring dual benefits during the summers. It supplies water to the body and it also protects the skin against sunburn. Tomatoes contain lycopene that gives it the red color and it even offers protection against the harmful rays of the sun. So, you should eat lots of tomatoes in the summer days.      


Melon contains a large amount of water in it. So, you eat lots of melons during the summers to keep hydrated. In this way, you’ll remain active and your memory will remain sharp.    


Berries are rich in antioxidants and minerals. So, you can consume a lot of berries and cherries during summers to keep active.    

What to avoid?

Summer season is the one where we need to control a lot on our food habits. Here are the things you should avoid:

Spicy food

Everyone is fond of spices as that adds to the flavor of food. However, we should refrain from taking too many spices during the summers. Most of the spices like chili, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, etc heat the body. So, these should be kept to a minimum in food items.

Non-vegetarian food

Non vegetarian food items such as prawns, red meat, egg, etc generate a lot of heat in the body. Furthermore, they can even affect the stomach thereby causing diarrhea. So, you should avoid such food for a few months in summer.

Oily and Junk Food

Junk food such as burger, french fries, pizza, and excessively oily food can upset the stomach. These food items affect the digestive system and they may even cause food poisoning.         

Dry Fruits

Though dry fruits are considered as healthy food items, they heat up the body quickly. So, you should minimize the intake of dry fruits during the summer season.    

Stale Food

Always eat freshly cooked food during summers. You should avoid eating stale food as bacteria builds up faster during summers which may cause food borne diseases.  


Image Sources: Pixabay