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Post-Workout Food Tips

Team BetterButter | May 21, 2019

During the workout, our body is not only engaged in the physical activity, but it also requires a high amount of energy to keep going. You might give more importance to the pre-workout meal but what about the post-workout meal? After a workout session, our body craves for food for muscles repair and regrowth. Taking the right nutrients just after a workout will help your body to regain its energy faster. The muscles will also be protected from getting damaged.

Let’s study about different post-workout food beneficial for the body

Whole-grain bread

Carbs are beneficial in building muscles and act as fuel for our body. Whole-grain bread is one such food which will give the maximum amount of carbs for a healthy body. So, the body will rebuild more glycogen and you can perform more activities in no time.

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is quite beneficial for our body’s recovery after an intense workout. Drinking this juice after a workout or exercise brings your blood pressure back to normal as well as gives you a better sleep. This juice contains anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidants which help the body in recovering faster.

Cottage Cheese

Earlier, cottage cheese was used for muscle building and maintenance after a workout. However, greek yogurt took its place.But still, cottage cheese is the best food item for muscles as it contains lots of protein which is vital for the body’s maintenance.

Whole Egg

The whole egg is considered to be healthier than egg white. The yolk contains healthy fats, minerals such as iron and phosphorous, and various vitamins. It is rich in proteins which help in repairing the worn out muscles after the workout.

Sweet Potato

The carb-rich food, sweet potato is the best post-workout meal as it enhances metabolism and makes the immune system function in a better way after an intense workout. The carb contained in it gets stored as fat in the body and continuously provide energy to the body.


This little grain vegan food is an addictive post-workout meal. It is specially made for those who are into following a gluten-free and a vegetarian diet. Quinoa provides both fiber and protein to the body and thus is one of the most powerful grain.

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.  It is very much beneficial for the body because Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the level of muscle damage which may cause body inflammation. In this way, it prevents inflammation after an intensive workout session. Moreover, it acts as a body fuel as it increases muscle protein synthesis that fire up the body.


Image Sources: Flickr, Pixabay

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