Easy to Prepare Picnic Snack

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The word ‘picnic’ makes everyone especially the kids ecstatic. You can enhance the overall feel of the picnic by including some amazing snacks in your picnics tiffin. So, here we have enlisted a perfectly planned menu that you can follow to have a delightful picnic:


  • Vanilla Cupcakes


Every trip needs a dessert to multiply the gaiety. So, here is a creative vanilla cupcake which you can prepare in just 35 minutes. While preparing, top it up with icing of buttercream to make it yummier. Well, if you make it regularly and want to change the taste, then you can add some choco chips or any sweet toppings.


  • Milkshakes


If you are going for a picnic without carrying chilled milkshakes with you then you are missing out on a refreshing snack! On a hot summer day, you can make your picnic amazing with cool milkshakes. Try different flavors so as to keep everyone happy and refrigerate it to serve it cool. Carry bottles and straw for an amazing cafe-like taste.


  • Picnic Trail Mix


Getting the taste of both sweet and salty in just one snack, how amazing it will be! For this, you need to store the foodstuffs in the store cupboard and customize them with melted chocolates, pretzels or dried fruits. It is prepared in a few minutes. You can munch it in an entire way or while roaming in the countryside.


  • Veggie Pies


Change your every time picnic taste by preparing different types of veggie pies and pastries. Prepare this yummy pie with tortilla and you can even use other healthy food items such as beetroot slices, potatoes, eggs, onions, herbs as well as feta cheese for an amazing taste.


  • Sandwiches


So, how can we forget this! Sandwiches are counted among the most famous picnic snacks ever. Even your kids can prepare them very easily when going for a picnic with friends. You can use beetroot, carrot, pesto, red pepper, hummus, green leaves, carrot as a sandwich filling. Moreover, you can use mayonnaise for some cheesy taste or if you want to go for a non-veg sandwich, then use creamy egg for an amazing taste. Grill the bread for the crunchy taste as you might have had at some cafes. But don’t forget to carry a sandwich knife with you as you will be serving it to a crowd.


  • Jazzy Jars


Homemade jars are the best as you can carry them anytime and anywhere. You can fill your jars with some tasty desserts just like the red berry granola pots. These are made out of raspberries and strawberries with a layer of sweet creamy yogurt and toppings of crunchy granola.


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