Probable Reasons for Ear Discharge

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The water or discharge which is released from the ear or the pus is called the ear discharge, or in medical terms, ‘Otoria’. Although nature has given ear wax to protect the ear, which prevents dust and dirt from going inside the ear, for many reasons there is a discharge from the ear which is sometimes like water- colorless or white and sometimes it is pale yellow and thick, depending on what is the reason for the discharge. 

Let’s find out the reasons behind an ear discharge: 


1) Injury to the Ear Drum

For any reason, such as severe internal injury or acute injury in the head, it is highly likely that the eardrum has burst, owing to which there is discharge from the ear.  If there are any scratches or damage to the eardrum,  the ear secretes a white and light yellow secretion.


2) Repeated Cleaning of the Ear

Some people feel irritation from the ear wax and they keep cleaning the ears again and again. Many times people also use a pin or tongs to clean the ear, which is very dangerous. It is not okay to even clean the ears repeatedly with a cotton bud. The use of all these external objects can result in wounds in the inside of the ear and many times the cotton gets stuck inside the ear leading to infections and pus in the ear.


3) Constant Exposure to Noise Pollution

Hearing sounds that are increasingly high in volume is not good for the ears and if you have to constantly stay in an atmosphere with high voices, then with the effect of this, the eardrum gets damaged and eventually the ear starts flowing. People who work at airports mostly suffer from this problem.


4) Bacterial or Viral Infection

Bacterial or viral infections in the ears can also cause the ear to flow. This type of infection starts with the problem of cold, nausea due to cold or flu, and ignoring it can cause the infection to spread to the throat. Eventually this bacteria spreads to the ear through the throat and then the problem of ear flowing starts.


5) Swelling in the Eustachian Tube

The tube connecting our throats and ear canals, which is called the Eustachian tube, maintains the correct level of air pressure in the ear. If there is any swelling in it, then the liquid gets accumulated in the middle of the ear and it closes, due to which there is inflammation in the Eustachian tube and the ear starts flowing.

After knowing all this, we would say that “Prevention is Better Than Cure” You should be aware of these symptoms of ear flowing and immediately show the doctor as soon as it feels unnatural.

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