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Reality check on Indian Food Myths

Team BetterButter | April 22, 2019

Reality check on Indian Food Myths

There is a wide range of thoughts that move across our minds while we are buying some eatables or ordering some food items from a restaurant. Why is it so? Have people really become so choosy or health conscious? Or is it something else?

Well, it is mostly because of different food myths spread across the globe that influence our buying/ordering decisions. We tend to believe in most of these and so these create confusion in our mind.

Let us check some of the most popular food myths:

Microwave cooking is harmful to health

Like really? A microwave, which is a boon for the people with a busy lifestyle, is considered as harmful for health. However, this is false.

If you boil vegetables in a gas, all the minerals and most of the vitamins get dissolved in that water, which we usually throw away. But, if we steam the veggies wrapped in a cling foil inside a glass container and then microwave them, then all the nutrients remain intact. So, microwave cooking is, in fact, better than gas cooking.

Eating eggs is bad for health

It is the most commonly spread myth that eggs contain lots of fat which is not good for health. However, an egg only contains 5 gm of fats out of which only 1.5 gm is saturated fatty acid. This amount is not that bad for health and it will surely not cause heart disease.

Red meat takes longer time to digest

This statement is totally false. It has been scientifically proven that all food gets out of our stomach within 3-4 hours of eating. This food is then excreted out from our body within 2-3 days.

Frozen food is bad for health

Though frozen food may not be that good for health, it is not the case with every food item. There are various food products which are purposely frozen for preservation. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the fresh vegetables that we buy are not stale and sold fresh. Even if we buy them fresh, we don’t consume it the same day and ultimately it is stored in the fridge.

Non- stick pans are good for cooking

The non-stick pans may enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen, but they are not ideal for cooking. When it is cooked at very high temperatures in non- stick pan, then it releases PFOA chemical. This gas is toxic and harmful for both humans and animals.

Organic stuff is better than the standard stuff


It’s not always true. Consider the example of brown sugar and white sugar. They both have only one difference that white sugar does not contain molasses while brown sugar is rich in molasses. However, they both provide the same amount of carbohydrates to the body. Similarly, rock salt and ordinary salt don’t have much difference except the size of the crystal. Otherwise, they have the same effect on your body.


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