Secrets from Rashtrapati Bhawan’s Kitchen

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You might have heard many things about the beautiful  Rashtrapati Bhavan. But, have you ever wondered how this maginificient kitchen functions . We bring you 10 secrets from the Kitchens of Rashtrapati Bhavan:


  1. The food is strictly vegetarian and almost bland, tailored to suit the current President’s diet and taste
  2. The kitchen is headed by an executive chef and the President can bring his own cook too.
  3. The kitchen that deals in more than 20 cuisines on a regular basis. Fruits and vegetables used in the kitchen are sourced from the kitchen garden ‘Dali-Khana’
  4. Chicken and other meats are tested, and approved by New Delhi Municipal Corporation doctors on a regular basis.
  5. The kitchen is divided into 6 sections including banquet kitchen, a la carte, oven and steamers, store, training and R & D department, bakery for breads and confectionary, and the halwai section to prepare Indian Sweets
  6. The meals are served in the following order: soup, the veg or non-veg dishes and dessert . Post which tea or coffee  is served and in the end Paan and mouth fresheners are presented before the guests.
  7. For the dinner and high tea hosted by the President for Head of States, only authentic Indian food is served. Other cuisines are not considered as foreign dignitaries often bring their own private Chefs .
  8. Every meal that goes to the president is tested by a food laboratory.
  9. Before a visiting foreign dignitary arrives, the Rashtrapati Bhavan kitchen consults the local embassy about their food preferences and allergies
  10. And lastly , our president likes litti-chokha, served with a hot curry and ghee. He perhaps developed a taste when he was governor of the state of Bihar.


Let us know , how you liked the interesting facts about the Indian President’s kitchen.


Image Sources: Inext Live

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