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Benefits of fruit infused water

Team BetterButter | April 22, 2019

Benefits of fruit infused water

During summers it is very important for us to keep ourselves hydrated. But how do we do that?

By drinking plenty of water. However, most of us are not able to drink a large amount of water. As a result, our body gets dehydrated. So, the best way to keep ourselves hydrated is by consuming fruit infused water.  Apart from hydrating the body, these have many other benefits.

What is Fruit Infused water?

It is also known as detox water. Basically, it is water that is infused with herbs and fruits which help in detoxifying the body and removing harmful toxins from it. It is prepared by crushing fruits and herbs together in a glass container filled with water. The flavors and good nutrients of those fruits are imparted in the water which leads to a lot of health benefits.


The first benefit is very clear that it hydrates the body. Most of us don’t drink normal water and we eventually become droopy or sluggish by the afternoon. So, you can create your own detox water by mixing fruits and herbs according to your taste and your nutritional requirement. This will foster the spirit for drinking water. Apart from this, other benefits include:

A radiant skin   

The detox water removes all harmful toxins from our body. This water is also rich in Vitamin C as fruits such as limes and oranges are in abundance in this water. Thus, it helps in getting rid of impurities. Vitamin C also yields a spotless and supple skin.

Improves metabolism

The fruit infused water helps in maintaining immunity and in relieving from the regular problems of constipation. It facilitates smooth digestion. You must include things which are rich in Vitamin B6 complex in the water as this will help you in boosting the metabolism.

Weight loss

If you have gained weight and you want to get rid of your excess fat, then you must surely drink some sort of detox water. It helps you burn your fat cells faster. Also, when you drink this water, it fills up your stomach. So, you don’t have an urge for junk food which itself is a big step in getting rid of fat.

More energy and a better mood

This water infused with many fruits provides instant energy as it raises the glucose level in the body. This is very useful in hot summers as it prevents you from drooping down because of decreased level of glucose. It is also seen that if you are not energized, your mood will also not be good and you’ll feel irritated. Thus, when we are filled with energy, our mood will also be elevated.

So these were some of the benefits of fruit infused water. You can start preparing your cup of detox water to keep dehydrated and to reap other benefits.