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Secrets from Royal Indian Kitchens

Team BetterButter | April 23, 2019

Secrets from Royal Indian Kitchens

When it comes to food, royal families are known for their unique flavors, classy presentation, and enticing aroma. Even the simplest of dishes served in the royal family has a touch of elegance. Their dishes are unique because of secret ingredients and quirky techniques that they adopt in preparing each dish. The royal kitchen holds a lot of secrets from generations which are yet to be disclosed.  

However, we recently got lucky when we found a few of the royal people who were ready to spill the beans. So, here we are presenting the secrets of royal Indian kitchens which would indeed spice up your table. Let’s have a take from the experts:

Nawab Kaazim Ali Khan of Rampur on Royal Rampur Cuisine

Signature Dish

There is no signature dish as such because all the recipes are unique in their own style whether it is chicken, rice or even deserts. However, different signature dishes are found in different categories. If we go by the categories of food, then the popular rice dish is Pulau Yakhni Badam, and the popular dessert is Halwaa Sohan Magzi.

Royal Ingredients

All the best ingredients such as peepal, white elaichi, chironjee, kevra, adrak and lassan and many more ingredients are used along with the desi ghee as the main cooking medium.

Recipes which haven’t changed

At Royal Rampur, all the recipes are almost the same for years but they don’t have as expert cooks now as they had before. At the time of Kings and Princely states, the cooks were experts in their work. But due to the fear of losing their jobs after revealing their kitchen secrets, they didn’t pass on their talent/secret to their kids. So, the art of cooking was lost to some extent as time changed. Moreover, there were no forms of measurements at that time and the taste of the dishes depended upon the cook’s experience. So, there’s no record of recipes by the exact quantities of different ingredients used.   

Tikarani Shailaja Katoch of Lambagraon-Kangra on Royal Sailana Cuisine

Signature Dish

At Royal Sailana Cuisine, the signature dish is Dilip Shahi named after Late Maharaja Digvijay Singh. You might be thinking what exactly is Dilip Shahi? Well, it is a non vegetarian dish made of mutton. It is prepared with coriander powder and green chilies. However, it is not spicy at all but these main ingredients provide flavor to it.

Royal Ingredients

What makes a dish different from others? Obviously, its signature ingredients! The recipe was researched as well as standardized by Late Maharaja Digvijay Singh. Its ingredients include coriander powder and green chilies.

So, these were the secrets from the royal kitchen of Kangra and Rampur. You can try these secrets at your home to cook something magical just like the royal families.


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