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Spellbinding Interiors of Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai House

Nupur Kumari | May 3, 2018

Kangana Ranaut is a shining star in the film industry, well known for her versatility. Whenever we talk of a female in a bold avatar, no one skips Kangana’s name.

We all know that Kangana Ranaut recently purchased a luxurious bungalow located in Bandra, Mumbai. The price of this bungalow is a whopping 20.7 crores. This house is a three-storey bungalow which is built in an area of 67000 sq ft. Kangana was trying hard to get this bungalow since the last six months, but due to her busy schedule, she was able to seal the deal and get the registry done only in September 2017.

The interior of her bungalow has been done by Richa Bahl. Like all other celebrities, Kangana also chose the best part of the house for her bedroom. The theme of this bungalow is based on Kangana’s house at Himachal Pradesh.

Her new house is decorated in such a way that it depicts the greenery and natural beauty of Himachal. With the use of colors like blue, orange along with touches of green, Kangana’s house has an ambiance of the mountains. Apart from this, there is a small temple in the drawing room. In fact, there are all the elements inside this house that connect this cine-star to her roots.

Here are some glimpses of her new house.

Living Room

kangana living room 2

Kangana has decorated her living room with some very beautiful things. Seeing it, one may have the feeling of visiting a museum. As you can see in the images that there are different kinds of pictures and antiques in her house which are wonderful and artistic.

kangana living room 1

Dining Room

kangana dinning room

Kangana’s dining room shows her love for nature. The cushion on the chairs are green and the table is decorated with flowers. A look outside the window gives a panoramic view of nature.

kangana interior decoration



kangana bedroom

Kangana has given a simple but luxurious look to her bedroom. Instead of keeping a lot of stuff in her room, she has kept it simple by just having a bed, a couch, and some books. Seeing her bedroom, it seems that she loves simplicity and is very down to earth in nature.



kangana work station

As we all know, Kangana is a great lover of paintings and arts. One can find a different kind of artistic images in her workstation. Seeing the pictures hanging on the walls of her workstation, we can easily guess that Kangana is a coffee lover too.


Dressing Room

kangana dressing room

If we talk about fashion, Kangana molds herself to adapt to any fashion. This could be easily seen in her films. Similarly, she has designed her dressing room in a very fashionable manner.

These glimpses of Kangana’s splendid bungalow tell us that Kangana is very fond of antique things and is very down to earth in nature.

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