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Stylish Winter Wear for Women!

Priyanka Verma | December 10, 2018

Winter is here, and it’s time to start layering up to keep ourselves warm. However, just because you have to wear multiple layers, doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish while doing so! Here are a few items that must be a part of your winter wardrobe, so that you look your stylish best during this season.


1) Coats and Trench Coats

If there is one garment that screams winter, it is coats and trench coats. The main difference between trench coats and coats is the fabric that is used to make the garment. Wear these garments over a dress, a simple sweater, long sweaters or a nice top and you are good to go. Pair the coat with leggings or skinny jeans and complete your look with a nice scarf/muffler, some stylish boots and a beanie hat.


2) Boots

Winter dressing is incomplete without a pair of comfortable boots. Buy boots in classic colours such as navy blue, black, tan and brown. The best thing about these colours is that they will go with any outfit that you wear. Not only do boots keep your legs warm, but they also look very stylish with anything that they are worn with-they take your entire outfit to the next level! So make sure that you have a nice pair of boots in your wardrobe.


3) Muffler

The best thing about wearing a muffler during the winters is that it keeps your neck warm. There are different ways in which you can style the muffler and put it around your neck. Wear a muffler with a nice top and a coat and you’ll be all set for the winters! You can even wear the muffler with a high-necked top-this will give your neck double protection.


4) Knitwear

A common misconception among people is that simple cotton sweaters are knitwear. Knitwear mainly includes garments that have been made with wool. You can clearly see the knits that have been made in the garment. Since knitwear is made from wool, these garments are bound to keep you warm during the winter months. However, you have to be very careful while wearing knitwear because these garments can easily snag on small and sharp objects. If this happens to you, choose a thread in the same color as the garment and stitch the snagged end back into the garment.


5) Leather Jacket

A classic black leather jacket is a must-have for your wardrobe. Wear it over a nice sweater and pair it with a pair of black or navy blue jeans. Complete the look by wearing some nice, ankle length boots with it.


6) Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is another jacket that should be a part of your winter wardrobe. Since this jacket is short, don’t wear it over a long sweater or top. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans and some comfortable boots and you have another stylish winter look to try out.


7) Beanie/Gloves

During winters, we often forget to cover our head. The head is one of the main areas through which the cold can enter our body, causing us to fall sick. To protect your head, wear a beanie or a woollen hat. Beanies go very well with coats and trench coats. To prevent your hands from becoming dry, cover them with gloves. For gloves, stick to classic colors such as navy blue and black since they will go very well with anything that you wear.


8) Parka

A parka is another garment that is perfect for the winters. Parkas are essentially long jackets that are stuffed with feathers. These garments are windproof and waterproof. Some parkas have a detachable fur-lined hood and a belt. A parka can keep you warm, it is like a warm blanket that you can wear over your clothes. The parka reaches till the knees, and covers the upper portion of the body and most of the lower portion as well.

Use these style tips to ensure that your fashion game is on point during the winter season!

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Priyanka Verma




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