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Superstitions and Beliefs about Periods

Nithya Lakshmi | September 12, 2018

It is unbelievable that even in this century, people are raging with menstruation myths. All these beliefs have come over the years from ancient times. A few points might have been followed for some crucial reasons and due to the lack of proper facilities during the olden days. But following them entirely, even in today’s era where science and technology are ruling the world, makes one wonder about the level of awareness that is created about periods. Moreover, such menstruation taboos are only letting a women’s confidence down rather than lifting her up in society.

1) Should Not Enter Holy Places

Women who are menstruating are considered to be unclean. Hence,  they aren’t allowed to enter any places of worship. In reality, a woman in her periods is actually healthy. It is a very normal process that occurs naturally and has nothing to do with cleanliness or impurity.


2) Exercising Leads to More Health Issues

A lot of women believe that any type of workout during their periods will further increase their pain and blood flow. Actually, it is just the opposite. Exercising during your menstrual cycle will, in fact, help you ease your muscle cramps. Practicing yoga, pilates or any type of workout without much stress is advisable to ease menstrual pain and to lift your mood.


3) Washing your Hair can lead to Infertility

Yes! Many are clueless as to why such a thing is followed but they still follow it blindly. Having a bath during the first day of your period and then not to have a bath later for reasons such as you might have a lesser flow, which can  lead to fertility issues, is absolutely absurd! You can have a shower at any time of the day during your periods and stay clean.


4) Must be Isolated

Again considering women to be unhealthy, unclean and dirty during those days of the month, they are isolated from leading a normal lifestyle. They are not allowed to touch certain types of food and are supposed to have separate utensils for eating and a separate bedspread for sleeping.  People widely believe that touching a menstruating woman is inappropriate. However, on the contrary, menstruating women are looked upon as undergoing a natural transition which is completely healthy.


5) Should not Cook or Enter the Kitchen

This is something which is given a new story line by the modern age in contrast to the actual reason behind it. Women aren’t allowed into the kitchen to cook or do their regular routine tasks during those days of their cycle since they are considered to  be impure. But in the olden days they were actually given the comfort of taking enough rest during their menstruation and were asked to take a break from their daily routine. Today people have inadvertently taken this as a taboo to such an extent that they don’t even share or touch what a menstruating woman eats during her cycle!

Some of the other weird myths that you can find on a global level in different countries are: 

  • In Columbia, you aren’t allowed to wash or cut your hair during menstruation.
  • In Malaysia, you might end up with ghosts haunting you if you’re not washing your sanitary pads before disposing them of.
  • In Romania touching a flower during a cycle will kill the flower sooner.
  • In Bolivia, you can’t handle babies as they’ll end up sick.
  • In Japan cooking a sushi is difficult as you can’t differentiate between tastes on those days.

As ridiculous as it might sound, there must be an awareness raised towards the real reasons and the importance of menstrual health among women. This is a cause for concern that has to be spread globally in order to empower women.

Image Source: pixabay, youtube and wikipedia commons

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