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Symptoms of PCOS that Women are Unaware of!

Nithya Lakshmi | June 26, 2018

Symptoms of PCOS that Women are Unaware of!

Women with  severe menstrual pain,  irregular periods or with an unusual hair growth due to hormonal imbalance might be unaware that they are suffering from PCOS and might be reaching out to all kinds of diagnostic treatments. If this is your case, then hold on! First, you need to understand what exactly are the symptoms of PCOS and take the necessary steps at an early age in order to have a healthy reproductive system.

Here are some common symptoms of PCOS-

1) Abnormal Hair Growth

Out of nowhere, you might find hair growing on your chin, lips or might face acne and burns on your face. While these are quite common, the root cause for this has to be diagnosed. This abnormal hair growth mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalance, that triggers the male hormones in your body. This is a sign of PCOS in women.


2) Depression

While there are innumerable things in a person’s life to get depressed about, PCOS can be one of the main causes. You might suddenly feel depressed and uninterested in anything. With a hormonal imbalance, a PCOS leads to some mental health issues, that must be addressed as soon as possible.


3) Irregular Menstrual Cycle

This is one of the main symptoms of PCOS. You might not get your periods in a year or even two. Now that might sound relieving but it is actually putting you into more trouble. When you miss a period for so long, it is mostly accompanied by severe pain when it finally occurs. This irregularity of your menstrual cycles is a  sure shot sign of PCOS.


4) Increased Blood Pressure

Hypertension is very dangerous and it might even be fatal in extreme cases with a cardiac arrest. With a rise in blood pressure, you need to check for a PCOS symptom as this might not be the only reason.  Due to a defective ovary, the insulin levels are increased making the blood exert extra pressure on the arteries leading to high blood pressure.


5) Loss of Hair

Hair fall is a very common problem in women.  Losing 60-100 strands per day isn’t a big issue, but if you happen to lose a lot of hair then your body is telling you something. Excess testosterone in the body might be the cause of baldness. This is another very common sign of PCOS.

Image source:  pixabay, wikipedia commons, flickr