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The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Nithya Lakshmi | October 3, 2018

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a problem in which the median nerves in the wrist are compressed, thereby making you feel numb or weak in your hands. It also causes a lot of pressure in the tendons and causes them to swell. The nerves begin behind your neck region, pass through your arms and reach your wrist to form a median point. This passage is called the carpal tunnel. These nerves further control your fingers and your wrist in various operations.

The carpal tunnel syndrome is more likely to occur among women more than men, mainly because of the tendons which vary in size. Many do not get the real reasons for such a syndrome. So here we have listed the reasons, symptoms and quick tips to recover from such a case rather than letting it deteriorate your health.


How Does a Person end up with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

  • Basically, when your hands are a little lower in position than your wrist for a longer time period while you work it leads to such a scenario.
  • In the course of  repetitive actions using your hands, the pressure to the median nerves increases leading to such a syndrome
  • Medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, obesity, and rheumatic arthritis also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Pregnancy leads to hormonal imbalances and leads to carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hereditary – In some cases the median nerves tend to have a structural difference since birth and this might be due to genetic factors.


Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • You might not be able to lift things or catch it firmly due to weakness
  • Numbness in your hands
  • Clumsiness to do your regular routine with your hands.
  • Lack of awareness as to where your hands exist (lack of sense in your hands)
  • Burning sensation with pain on your fingers

In extreme cases, you might end up with a complete lack of sensitivity on your hands to touch, lift or pinch. This will lead to permanent muscle damage as well. So taking the necessary measures by consulting your doctor will help you.


How to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Seeking a doctor will be the best way to get rid of the symptoms. The physician might inject a steroid to reduce the swelling caused in the nerves. Or he might even prescribe some medications which might not be as effective as that of a syringe. And if this occurs at a later point of time, another dose of medication is advised. However, this comes with its own side effects.


Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Rest your hands and wrist area as much as possible while you work.
  • Call a physiotherapist to understand the movements and exercise accordingly
  • Seeking expert advice on how to handle repetitive actions in various ways without damaging the median nerves
  • Wearing wrist splints to let the wrist remain intact for a fixture of the affected nerves.
  • Cold compress therapy to treat the swollen tendons.

If you have been facing the syndrome for more than six months with no effect on the above measures then you might have to undergo a surgery.

Image source: Wikipedia commons and pixabay.

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