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The Do’s and Dont’s for getting your Nose Pierced!

Nithya Lakshmi | July 6, 2018

A lot of people like nose piercings, and this has even become a trend nowadays. A ring, a bar or a horseshoe kind of a jewelry is worth wearing on your nose once the piercing job is done. Yes! You can definitely flaunt your new look. However, knowing the details about nose piercing is a must before you start the entire process. Many do not understand the whole process of nose piercing.  They are also not clear about the do’s and dont’s of getting a nose piercing,  this ignorance can lead to problems and infections after the piercing has been done.  In order to avoid such scenarios, let’s quickly understand the do’s and don’ts of nose piercing-

Method of Piercing

You need to look for a professional or a reputed nose piercer to do the job for you rather than a beginner or even an amateur. This ensures that the whole piercing process is done with a clean and hygienic needle that is new. Do not allow the piercer to use a gun. This could harm your nose and could cause an infection too. Always go for the manual process of nose piercing.



Wash your hands thoroughly before you touch your nose ring. You must clean the piercing two times on a daily basis for the first 2-3 months in order to prevent any kind of infection. Either use a saline solution or use whatever is suggested by your piercer. Do not use the same cup of solution to clean your nose ring the second time.


Size of the Nose Hoop

After getting the piercing done, you need to check the size of the hoop that you would like to wear. If you are going to choose a heavy ring, say 22-25 gauge nose hoop, it would certainly be heavy.  You should choose a smaller size say 18-20 gauge which is light and would feel easy on the nose.


Usage of Jewellery

After 3 months, once the pain and the inflammation have reduced, when you plan to change the ring,  use clean jewellery that comes sealed in a good condition. If it is unsealed and opened, do not use it directly. Autoclave it before you use it, to protect yourself from infections.



Now that you have pierced your nose, you need to be extra careful while applying makeup onto your face. Cosmetics, powder and other chemicals might enter the nose hole. So do not wear makeup in the initial healing period after the piercing. 



Your hands might touch your nose more often than required. Do not touch the nose area often as your hands are filled with bacteria and this could adversely affect you in many ways. Also, redness and a little swelling are common initially but if you find any pus or a discharge, do not remove the nose ring own your own, get it done by an expert. If required, even consult your doctor.


Besides the above points, the following points should also be kept in mind:  

  • Use an L-shaped nose hoop over a stud as it goes easily into your nose hole and you can press it to stay intact.
  • Wear lightweight nose rings that look chic and trendy.
  • Do not remove the jewelry in any case during the healing period. Let it stay.
  • Always use washed and clean hands to touch your nose.
  • Never use harsh products for cleaning or caring as it might cause skin irritation if you have sensitive skin.

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