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The Secret To Looking Young Forever: Eat An Amla Everyday

Team BetterButter | November 25, 2016

By Ayushi Prakash

It’s chockfull of anti-oxidants, it’s amazing for your hair and skin and the Vitamin C in it is proven to stop that oncoming cold. We’re talking about the Indian Gooseberry or Amla or Nellikai, one of the quintessential super foods in the world.

This super fruit also has Ayurvedic benefits since it provides equilibrium to all the doshas -Vatta, Kapha, Pitta. Yet, it isn’t called a miracle fruit for nothing. We’re listing out a whole list of amazing things that the Amla can do for you:

1.  High nutrient content:

It is one of the healthiest foods for its antioxidant properties and is also considered a rich source of Vitamin A, C, Iron, Potassium, and Calcium with high nutrient content.

2. Hair growth and rejuvenation:

Amla is used as a century old remedy for hair loss and rejuvenation, massaging Amla oil into the scalp increases blood circulation (that results in luscious looking hair!).

3. Eye care:

Amla always comes to the rescue of the ones who face eyesight issues. Studies reveal that the Carotene present in Amla has improved nearsightedness and cataract in people. The Vitamin A present in it can reduce macular degeneration and strengthen your vision (the reason why your granny still doesn’t require spectacles).

4. Slows down the ageing process:

Who doesn’t want to stay young forever? Mentioning this point here clearly indicates that Amla must be incorporated in our daily diet intake for no reason. Let the antioxidants rich fruit combat your aging process.

5. Fights against Heart diseases:

No worries of high blood pressure, heart attacks and increased cholesterol levels. Amla has got it all to reduce clogging in the arteries leading to a healthy heart.

6. Cheaper than your exotic berries:

The names and colors of exotic berries lure us a lot. Stop following the fad of having exotic berries and instead stick to the home grown Indian berries, one they are much fresher (no added preservatives to make them last long) and second why should we promote some other country and its vegetation.

7. Miscellaneous benefits:

Not only this, this incredible fruit aids in digestion because of the high fibre content and prevents obesity. The skin starts glowing after its intake and you won’t find any scars or pigmentation on your face. All thanks to the loads of Vitamin C in it.

Amla is a miracle fruit that deserves it place in everyone’s diet. Amla is produced locally, that is why it is easily accessible at a very reasonable cost. Being quite rich in vitamins and antioxidants, the incredibility of the fruit can be compared with the exotic berries where it wins with a huge margin. So, without wasting your hard-earned money on the so-called berries, start investing your health and money in this valuable fruit. And for recipe ideas to what you can make with Amla click here.

This article is brought you in association with the Murugappa Group for the Superfoods Campaign.

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