Foods that help you combat Air Pollution

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There has recently been an alarming level of air pollution which has resulted in Delhi being the most polluted city in the world. People living in the city are finding it difficult to breathe and function on a daily basis, this sudden change has resulted in air-borne allergies that are affecting children and men alike. While we do not know when this situation could worsen or get better, we do know of some foods that you and your kids should be eating to help you function better and stay healthy from the inside.

Ginger Juice

Ginger Juice works like magic to soothe coughs, colds, breathing irregularities and certain infections.


Olive Oil

Preparing your daily food items with olive oil will help to protect against the damages that take place internally during an air pollution.



Garlic is a marvelous ingredient that improves immunity and keeps you healthy from the inside.


Vitamin C

Fruits such as lemon, guava and all citrus fruits are rich foods that boost your immunity to the pollution.


Cinnamon and Basil Tea

The tea combination of this fresh herb and classic spice is very helpful during infections such as coughs and colds caused during an air pollution.


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