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5 memorable Bollywood recipes that you can prepare at home

Sujata Limbu | November 8, 2016

By Sujata Limbu

Ever watched a movie and seen a dish so spectacular that your mouth starts watering and your stomach growling, wishing you could eat it at that very moment! Dishes cooked on screen remain in our memory, not only because of the visuals but the sound of the sizzles, the cracking of pots and the precision in which the dish is cooked. For the pleasure of sharing and the love of food, we bring you some exquisite on-screen food moments that you need to implement in real life.

Stuffed Karela/Bitter Gourd- The Lunchbox

‘The Lunchbox’ is a spectacular movie which also made us really hungry! Each and every dish cooked by Ila left us wanting more, however the ‘stuffed bitter gourd’ was undoubtedly the winner. This is a technical dish that contains a mix of flavors and textures, the manner in which Ila cooks it makes it look like it’s a piece of cake which isn’t really the case.

Find the recipe here.



Begun Bhaja- Piku

Although Piku is a father-daughter relationship story, one cannot forget that the topic of conversation in this movie is largely ‘Bengali food’. The memorable scene in which family and friends come over for dinner and the ‘Begun Bhaja’ is passed around among other mouth watering dishes makes you wish the screen froze for a moment longer on the delicious food.

Find the recipe here.

Begun Bhaja


Ladoo- English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a movie that displayed the undermining that is portrayed on Indian housewives in general and how Shashi proves this wrong while battling her own conflictions. The preparation of some amazing ladoos is a scene that stays on your mind as it looks so appetizing and mouth watering good.

Find the recipe here.

Motichoor Ladoo


Gol Gappa- Queen

A young girl goes on a solo honeymoon trip that gives her the memories of a lifetime and changes her forever. During this journey of self-discovery, Rani participates in a cooking challenge by preparing Gol Gappas from scratch, with some amazing filling and spicy paani/water mixture to go with it. This one gives you a major gol gappa/pani puri craving almost immediately!

Find the recipe here.

Gol Gappa-Pani Puri


Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao- Cheeni Kum

This is one of the few Bollywood movies in which food plays a central character, especially the dish ‘Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao’. The most memorable scene in which Chef Buddhadev is sent a plate of Nina’s Hyderabadi Zafrani Pulao and is enlightened by the taste of some truly authentic pulao is so delightful. This is one dish that really does taste as amazing as it looks on screen.

Find the recipe here. 

Biryani rice or briyani rice, curry chicken and salad, traditional indian food on dining table.

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